Dear Beautiful Soul,

I hope you are having a wonderful summer! Here in Portland we're in the middle of a heatwave.  We're expecting triple digit temperatures, which is relatively uncommon here.  My family has been spending the hot days indoors and the evenings outside in the shade with our feet in the kiddie pool. 

As I had mentioned in my previous blog posts I had spent most of April and May ill with asthma brought on by an unexpected allergy to my peruvian florida water that I use in my shaman energywork sessions.  It's been an interesting adventure discovering why one of my allies changed its relationship with me. In regaining my health I worked with some marvellous energyworkers and alternative medicine practioners, plus of course, allopathic doctors as well. The outcome of all of this is a return to health and stepping more fully into writing. While I absolutely love working with clients, it's become time for me to spend more of my time on the page.

As a consequence I've published ten new essays this past week on my website.  Eight of these will appear in a collection of essays for the Empath and are available ahead of the book on my website for a small fee. The other two are available on my publications page, and can be reached using the links below.

I hope you enjoy these, and that they are helpful to you in your own healing journey.

much love – Elaine


Elaine's Healing Journey

If you are at all sensitive and Empathic, you're sensitive not just to emotional energy, but you may be sensitive to foods and to chemicals, too. While this can be quite a challenge, given our modern world, having a sensitive body means that we will get the message sooner than most people that something isn't agreeing with us.  Wow, did I ever get that.  As you've already read, I was sick for April and May, and for part of June, too.  The trigger for all of this was one of my shaman tools.  I was incredibly frustrated to not be working again, especially after taking the fall off to recover from heavy client work. What message was I missing?  and how could I get well?

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Eight new E-essays now Available

After months of not being able to write, I've experienced a burst of energy.  This past week I completed eight more essays for my book.  Most of these essays have to deal with the healing process that each of us goes through when we dive into our personal work.  These essays cover the Double-bind, which is a lose lose situation that the shaman can unravel,  making Death our Ally so we can embrace change, staying grounded in our lower chakras while we make these changes, and holding to our Integrity as change over takes us and life becomes temporarily choatic

While those subjects apply to all human beings, the essays on Family Reinforcement, the Internal Bully, the Empath and Overwhelm, and Authenticity versus Transparency will appeal to Empaths in particular. As Empaths we tend to take our emotional state very seriously, and these essays are meant to give us more perspective when intense emotions begin to overwhelm us.

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Forgiveness and Dealing with Denial

I've written a few essays on my website around forgiveness. This latest essay describes using the concepts of the Medicine Wheel to come to a state of Forgiveness in which we start with being Identified with our Story around our wound, but when a state of forgiveness is reached, we are grateful for the experience that has led us to wisdom.  This essay describes the Four Directions and where we are in the process of forgiving as we travel around the wheel.

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I am also pleased to share with you another essay on the healing process--the commitment to give up living in denial. When we give up denial, we are heading toward a life we can trust, and we are building up our relationship with our own integrity.  But, at first this can feel uncomfortable and even disillusioning as the others around us continue their denial. This essay encourages us to stick with the process.

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Eight new E-essays now Available

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