Motivations of the Empath Ebook now Available

Hello Everyone!

I am very excited to announce that FINALLY my ebook on the Motivations of the Empath is now available.  I have been working on this collection of essays off and on for the past several years.  It’s time to put it out there!  This is the ebook you want to read if you are an Empath and you want to understand what drives you and why.  In it I cover what our gifts and our binds are from an archetypal perspective.  I talk about how we can unravel our binds and move more fully into our creativity.  I also discuss how our family, especially our mothers, influenced us in unconscious ways that caused us to become more intuitive and highly aware than most other children, leading us to take on the Classic Empath Archetype.

Also included are descriptions of other Empath Archetypes, such as the Sensitive Scientist, the Empathic Hero, and the Giving Persona.  I cover why Empaths feel self-conscious, how to move past that into our creativity, how to be better communicators, how to give up fantasy and romance so we can have better relationships with our loved ones, how to deal with our need to fix and our tendency to be self-critical and more.

This ebook assumes an understanding of the drama triangle and basic shamanic concepts discussed in the earlier ebooks on those topics.  I’m looking forward to hearing your comments and I hope you enjoy!  Please click here to visit my shop.

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