The Healing Process and Soul Retrieval

Hi Everyone,
            It is such an honor working with my clients.  Each of them has committed to their own healing, which takes courage to go into the suppressed and repressed parts of ourselves.   As my mentor, Greta, points out, no healing can occur when emotions or thoughts are repressed.  When we consciously embark on our healing path these emotions and thoughts bubble up to the surface, which can be an incredibly painful experience.  Allowing the pain to come up and to pass is difficult precisely because we have been repressing these emotions for a reason.  Allowing this process takes courage, and it leads to lasting acceptance and forgiveness of ourselves and others.  However, it can feel like we are moving backwards instead of forward when the pain arises.
            Much of the work I do with my current clients is around holding space for them as they go through the healing process.  Soul Retrieval work brings to consciousness lost parts of ourselves that left because they couldn’t handle the conditions at the time.  That lost consciousness is returned, but sometimes it is difficult to see and to accept ourselves as we reintegrate these parts.  Recently I had a client who had done years of personal work on herself and her need to achieve.  Her drive toward achieving had made her ill, but she had used her illness to dive into her personal healing of her soul.
            She was struggling with acceptance of herself, with letting go the impossible standard she still felt she must live up to.  The failure to meet these standards led to self hatred.  During a soul retrieval, her soul part was willing to come back if my client could let go of her self-hatred and accept the parts that she felt were not up to standard.  Until then, it couldn’t help but leave again in order to keep itself protected.  The fact that the soul part wasn’t ready to come back was a blow for my client; here was someone else who didn’t think she was good enough even after all the work she had done.  If my client could see instead that she was on the right track, that there was no one external in her way any longer, only her own self concept, then she could begin to shift that on a deeper level.
            But, healing is a messy process.  It sometimes gets worse before it gets better.  And then at other times miraculous healings take place so deeply that the client doesn’t remember what had been bothering them in the first place.  I have had clients tell me that they didn’t feel a particular soul retrieval was very profound, but from my perspective and their friends’ perspectives, we noticed a huge shift in behavior.  This is one reason I tell clients that there are no guarantees with Soul Retrieval work—it is just too mysterious to be able to predict how a session will go.

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  1. eva says:

    My very good friend, Chris, who I think you may know, has just become a grandmother and she has been experiencing some life changing events. She has mentioned to me that she has been in contact with you, trusts you, and wants to do a soul retrieval. I would very much like to help her to make that happen. Is there a way to give this to her as a gift? Maybe a gift card or prepay? Chris is a dear and wonderful soul and she really needs this at this phase of her life. Please let me know if this is possible and if so, how much and how to make it happen.
    Thank you,

  2. Administrator says:

    Hi Eva,

    The way I’ve learned to do third party payments is to have the gift giver give the fee directly to the client to be, and then the client pays me directly. I’ve done sessions in the past where the gift giver pays me instead, and the energy of the session never sits well with the client. I think this is because there has to be a clean exchange of some kind between client and shaman/healer. While the exchange doesn’t always have to be money, it does seem to need to happen directly. So, if you and Chris would like to work out the payments so that Chris feels able to accept your gift, then I think we are good to go! I have talked to Chris, and I would love to work with her.

    thanks, Eva!!

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