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"Elaine is such a gentle soul.  I have experienced and witnessed her skills and knowledge as a teacher, coach, and healer.  She has earned my respect and appreciation on many occasions, and I consider her to be without a doubt one of the finest shamanic and energy healers I have ever experienced.  Her ethics are impeccable and her work comes forth from a caring heart." Jim Peterson

Elaine as Coach


I wanted to thank you for the tremendous coaching. Your spirit is so light-hearted and yet has a great depth to it. I felt heard and appreciated on so many levels, as well as moved along down my path in a loving, gentle way. Your deft guidance (guiding me back to myself!) in the area of relationships was especially meaningful to me. I thank you for the opportunity to have you as a coach! 


Jennifer S.

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Intuitive Readings

Dear Elaine,

Thank you so much!  I can't possibly express the extent of my appreciation for the time and energy you put into doing this intuitive reading for me - it was so affirming and supportive - you created such a safe and sacred space for me!  I felt that I was truly able to express my deepest concerns and be heard and supported in a way that was incredibly honoring.  Your reading confirmed my own inklings and helped me to clear away the false doubts, misconceptions and societal expectations that I have been allowing to obscure my own intuition from speaking clearly to me.  I loved how clearly your intuition was supported by your tarot reading.  The two together gave me such clear information about what is possible in my life and in my relationship!  I feel a renewed sense of trust in my own inner guidance thanks to your clear insight and unbiased energy & support, and a renewed sense of inspiration to follow my life path with joy and hope! 

Jenna Avery, CLC, The Coach for Sensitive Souls.

Energy Healings

Elaine is a highly trained and gifted healer. I knew my sessions with
her had helped me transform some significant issues; but, I was shocked
when one of my relatives that I hadn't seen in awhile asked me if I was
taking medication because I seemed to be dealing with life so much better! ---C.C.



Attract Your Ideal Mate Teleclass

Dear Elaine and Kate:

I want to thank you both for your wonderful course on manifesting your ideal
mate. You are both excellent facilitators, and I have benefited greatly from
being part of it. I have witnessed significant change in my life during the
past eight weeks and I feel I am now firmly on my way to marriage with the
right person for me at this time. This course has set in motion something that
although I cannot completely define it, I do know that significant positive
change has occurred. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone. 

In gratitude,
Lauren L.

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Access Your Intuition Teleclass

This course was most helpful to me in beginning to explore my intuitive senses. The weekly call was always warm and supportive, and always packed with information and exercises to try. Elaine has an incredible breadth of knowledge in this realm, and her approach to teaching is very empathetic.

During the eight weeks, I gained a much better understanding of how different energies move through my body, and how to best manage this. I learned to seek out my guides for help, and began to experience a true relationship with them. Most importantly, I carried away a whole new set of tools to use in continuing to develop my psychic self.  

Diane G.

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