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Intuitive Readings

In 2001 I had a reading done by Sonia Choquette around my life purpose in which she told me I was supposed to give intuitive readings.  At the time I was just ending a career as a research scientist, and the whole idea of being an intuitive wasn't something I was ready to embrace.  But, after much encouragement from clients, friends, and colleagues, I began offering intuitive readings in 2003.

If you are interested in having a reading done, I ask that you come with an open mind, and with the intention of taking responsibility for any reactions you may have during the reading.  My perfect client for readings is one who is ready to make shifts in their lives, is already connected or open to being connected to their own intuitive guidance, but because of doubts or fears is having trouble seeing clearly at the moment. 

If you are interested in a reading, send me a recent photo of yourself and a list of questions you'd like answered during the session.  Right before our scheduled time to talk, I will do a Celtic Cross Tarot spread, read your picture, and do a short journey.  Then, when we speak on the phone I will connect to you directly, and you will ask all the question you'd like.  I like doing the cold reading of your picture, the tarot, and the journey as confirmation and back up of what I will see when connected directly to you, so in effect you will have four readings.

The reading of your picture, (and if you like, pictures of you and another) I perform by placing my hands over your picture.  I usually receive a series of images or a short movie representing something about you or the relationship.  These movies usually don't make a sense to me, but they make wonderful sense to my clients.

The tarot reading is a basic Celtic Cross Spread.  I take the general theme of your questions, and do the spread with the theme in mind.  The tarot is a wonderful way to see what's happening within your own life symbolically.  My interpretation of individual cards is based on traditional meanings and on hits that arise in the moment.

The rest of the reading consists of my tuning into your vibration and mirroring back to you what I see.  I can check on your energy system, on cords to others in your life, on your life purpose and how that is unfolding, and I can see some of what is arriving in your life.   (Timing is the hardest thing to see because it can shift so easily)  Readings with clients tend to be more informative if the client carries on a conversation with me while I read----that way the energy continues to shift, and in the changes, I can see much more than if the client doesn't say much at all. 

My fee for readings is $150.   I spend about 30 minutes before hand preparing for each reading, and then 30-45 minutes on the phone with the client.  During that time if it is apparent that energy work would help, we will talk about that, too, or even do a little right then.

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Dear Elaine,

Thank you so much!  I can't possibly express the extent of my appreciation for the time and energy you put into doing this intuitive reading for me - it was so affirming and supportive - you created such a safe and sacred space for me!  I felt that I was truly able to express my deepest concerns and be heard and supported in a way that was incredibly honoring.  Your reading confirmed my own inklings and helped me to clear away the false doubts, misconceptions and societal expectations that I have been allowing to obscure my own intuition from speaking clearly to me.  I loved how clearly your intuition was supported by your tarot reading.  The two together gave me such clear information about what is possible in my life and in my relationship!  I feel a renewed sense of trust in my own inner guidance thanks to your clear insight and unbiased energy & support, and a renewed sense of inspiration to follow my life path with joy and hope! 

Jenna Avery, CLC, The Coach for Sensitive Souls.

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