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New Workshops

Healing Journey for the Empath Teleconference Calls

I am so excited to offer to new workshops!  The first is a Teleconference Call for Empaths.  These are stand alone calls.  Listen in any order, listen to as many as you like.  In these calls I will talk about a topic from my new book, The Healing Journey of the Empath.  You will be able to ask questions during the call if you wish.  These teleconference calls will be available for download if you miss the call for a small fee.  If you would like more information, and to see a list of calls available for audio download, click here.

Shaman Dreaming/Creative Manifestation Workshop

A 5 session workshop designed to teach participants not only manifestation skills, but shaman skills and philosophy so that participants can create their dreams easily.  No experience necessary except willingness to try something new, to hold your dreams sacred, and to dream big!

Click here for more information


Mentoring Programs


Currently I am offering only individual mentoring through the workshops below.  We will tailor the workshop material to your personal needs.  Fees for individual mentoring of workshops are $150 per 1 hour session.  The length of mentoring program depends on the workshop, but can be lengthened depending on your needs.  Private mentoring will include teaching, coaching, readings, and energywork as needed.

If you have 2 or more people interested in a program below, I am happy to arrange a group workshop and split the hourly fee between participants.   The workshops I offer are in teleclass format, which means that participants meet with me over a bridgeline on the phone, usually once per week. Before I started coaching, I had been skeptical that meeting over the phone with a group of people I didn't know could be as connecting as meeting in person. However, I have found that not only is attending workshops over the phone easy and convenient, it is also a great way of establishing an intimate and relaxed connection with others.


Attract Your Ideal Mate Workshop

An 8 week workshop designed to teach participants the skills of creative manifestation, with the focus on manifesting a mate.  Click Here for more detailed information and class schedule.

Email Elaine for more information about new relationship workshops for those of you that have already attracted a mate and would like to bring more bliss and happiness into the relationship.

Access Your Intuition Workshop

An 8 week workshop designed to teach participants beginning skills in developing their intuitive gifts.

Click Here for more detialed information and class schedule


The Artist's Way Workshop, Vein of Gold Workshop

The Artist's Way Workshop is a 13 week course for people who want to recover their creativity. 

The Vein of Gold Workshop is for creatives who want to explore and discover their creative niche.  This course takes place over one year when meeting twice per month.

Walking in this World workshops will be offered soon.


Your Heart's Desire Workshop

A 9 week course following creative manifestation principles as outlined in Sonia Choquette's book, Your Heart's Desire

Click Here for more detailed information


MegaWatt Marriage Workshop

Workshops designed to give the couple skills and new tools to bring more joy, bliss, and fulfillment to their relationship.

Click Here for more detailed information

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