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Spiritual Crisis Support


Most of my clients are deeply committed to the expression of their true selves in the world.  Whether they know it or not, they are making an invitation for more of their spirit to come into their lives.  After working with me for a few months, a few undergo a sudden shift in their energy system which may cause uncomfortable emotional, mental, and physical symptoms.

These Kundalini energy experiences can be very frightening and disconcerting.  Many symptoms cannot be explained by medical doctors, and many people who undergo this experience feel as if they might be going crazy.  After my own experiences with spiritual crisis and kundalini awakening, I determined to offer support to others going through similar experiences.

For more on my own personal experiences, please click here.  Sometimes just knowing that another has moved through these experiences succesfully can help ease the fear around them.  Soon I hope to have more stories from clients and links to other website resources.

Tools for dealing with moving energy (Coming soon!)

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