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Elaine's Kundalini Experiences

Several years ago, about six months after my intuition began to awaken, many parts of my life began to shift, and even to fall apart.  I lost several friendships in the space of a few weeks, and even though these were painful, I could see the wisdom in letting these relationships go.

At the same time, the base of my tailbone began to be very very sore.  A fluid filled cyst began to form on my tailbone, and I was told that I would probably need surgery to have it drained in the next few weeks.  I also began to have trouble grounding myself energetically.  I could feel energy building within me, and I wasn't sure what was going to happen next.  At the same time I began having dreams of old incidences from my childhood where I took on the importance of doing things in the right way versus the wrong way.

A few days later a very close friend became very angry at me because of what my intuitive guidance had said about her.  Her words triggered extreme grief and uncertainty, and I had to lie down to manage the shaking and sobbing.   My reaction was out of proportion to the trigger; intellectually I couldn't understand why I was reacting that way.  That night energy moved up from my tailbone out through my head.  At the same time this was happening, I had perfect recall of all the experiences where I had acted on what I was taught to be right versus wrong, especially when these choices went against my own inner guidance.  The flow of energy was so strong I literally felt it coursing and burning through my body.  I couldn't eat, I had to visit the bathroom several times, and my body rocked back and forth with the flow.

The next morning my tailbone, which had been growing a fluid filled cyst, was completely back to normal.  I had to spend a few days in bed, exhausted emotionally and physically.  I didn't understand what had happened, but at I knew I had cleared out a major block that kept generating unhappy experiences for me.  I now had tons of anger floating around me.  I was wise enough to know that this anger had been repressed for years.

I knew I had to clear and release the anger, not stop it up.  But, the unconscious habit of stopping it up was very strong.  However, each time I tried to repress the anger, my tailbone would begin to feel sore.  That soreness became my physical signal that I wasn't fully dealing with my emotions.  Eventually the anger dissipated on its own.

Soon after that, I ended the relationship with the friend who had triggered the event in the first place, and I divorced my first husband because so many hidden attractions to these old relationships no longer pulled at me.  I had become much more in relationship to my true self, and much more able to express that self in the world and attract the new right relationships to me.  About a month after the initial kundalini experience I began a deep friendship with the man who would eventually become my current husband and ideal mate.

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