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Coaching and Mentoring

About the Coach

It feels like a former life time in which I began my career as a physicist. In 2000 I decided I needed a change in career. 

I attended Coach for Life, one of the schools accredited by the ICF, completed their training program, and in December 2003 I completed the certification process. 

In 2004 I began the Healing the Light Body shamanic energywork certification with the Four Winds Society.  Since then I offer a combination of coaching, mentoring, and energywork with my ongoing clients.

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Coaching and Mentoring Services

At this time I am no longer offering strictly coaching services. If you are a new client and would like to work with me, please browse the pages under intuitive readings and energywork.

If you are interested in shaman mentoring, please email me directly.  At this time I am offering mentoring for beginning shaman in a small group by invitation only.

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Frequently asked questions about coaching

Click here for answers to common questions about coaching,  or email Elaine around specific questions

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