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Client Soul Retrieval Stories

Many prospective clients wish to know more about my client's experience with soul retrieval before they set up a session, or a series of sessions, for themselves.  Below is a listing of soul retrieval and other energywork stories from my personal experience, and my experiences with my clients.  Enjoy!


Why is my teenager afraid of the dark?  (Soul Retrieval and Generational Imprint)

Why am I suddenly fighting with my new husband? (Generational Imprint)

Can soul retrieval help my OCD?  (Generational Imprint)

Why are small creatures trying to kill me?  (Generational Imprint)

I'm almost achieve success, and then I fizzle out. ( Soul Retrieval and Generational Imprint)

Why do I feel like I'm going to die now that I quit my job?  (Soul Retrieval and Warrior Archetype)

I am so unreasonably angry, and so is my family, what do I do? (Generational Imprint)

Why does the Healing Process Suck when I thought it was going to make me Happy?  (Deep Soul Retrieval Work)













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