Building Your Energetic Foundation

In my Attract Your Ideal Mate Class, many participants have been very focused on bringing a mate into their lives, but instead of the Ideal Mate all sorts of other foundation issues come up first. I have found this is to be expected based on the way the chakra system works. It is only by having a secure base that other higher needs can be addressed.

When we are born, we make an energetic connection to the earth through our first chakra. [1] The first, or root chakra, is concerned with survival issues such as enough food, money, and adequate shelter. [2] The lower three chakras deal with the physical plane: the second chakra with emotional needs [3] , and the third chakra with personal will [4] . Once the first chakra is strong and well balanced, our development naturally proceeds to the next chakra, and so on until early adulthood. Then, the process begins again in adulthood. In the second stage of development through the chakras, old woundings and deficiencies can be brought up for healing or old skills are strengthened. [5]   

From my own life I found that my guidance has led me always to establish a ground first before moving on with other desires. Before I understood the mechanics of needing a strong physical foundation, I was frustrated and confused by my seeming backward steps instead of desired progress. Several years ago one of my strongest desires was to pursue a spiritually fulfilled life, and to have my career be directly related to sharing my spiritual nature and my growing intuition. (These are 5th , 6th , and 7th chakra issues) When this desire came fully into my consciousness I already had a steady home, good relationships, a good marriage, and a career as a scientist. Both my intuition and my spiritual understanding blossomed within this environment. But, as they continued to grow, my foundation was unable to support me.

To my horror I lost all that I had built while my newly grown intuitive guidance told me that this was completely necessary and in fact good. My friendships ended one by one. My marriage came to an end. I was once again living in a small apartment instead of a house. The new man in my life decided to move several states away. In order to support myself I returned to a career I had consciously left two years before because it hadn’t been my life purpose. I lost everything I had identified as me except my connection to spirit.

However, in a matter of months I had it all back again but in much better form.

I consciously chose to work on my fear around being self-sufficient financially and I intended to find myself a new job in the same city as my new love interest. I had a great position and an apartment drop into my lap two weeks after I arrived, we began building a house a month after my arrival and were engaged a month later. Within six months I had rebuilt everything I had lost but now actually had a much firmer foundation than ever before. With this foundation in place I was able to leave the position I had originally found after a year and go into coaching instead, which was much more suited to my life purpose.

When the next phase of destruction and rebirth began a year later, I understood the process and was enthusiastic about moving through it; even though I knew it was going to be painful, it would be without so much suffering and resistance.  This phase also included a move, this time back to country that vibrated well with my system, the setting of firm boundaries with family relationships, the tossing of friendships that were no longer suitable, and the deeper understanding of what it meant to be in a soul mate couple. Looking back on it, I see once again that I needed an even stronger foundation to support the life I am living right now.

Knowledge about personal foundation can be extremely helpful to my clients who feel thwarted in their life purpose or in their particular heart’s desires. I have found it helpful to ask if their foundation is set first as we look at what magnificent desire they want to create next.  Using the chakra system and the first three chakras in particular to check on foundation can be very helpful in pointing to what needs to be addressed next in the creation of our heart’s desires.


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