Portals Workshops!  A series of 9 workshops introducing Animal Emissaries.  No pre-requisites required.  Hosted by Elaine, and taught by Marv and Shanon of Kimmapii Spirit Energies School of Shamanism

I’ve been excited over the past year to host my shaman mentor, Marv Harwood, and his wife, Shanon for the Raven portal last year, the Buffalo Portal this past March, and now the Coyote Portal this coming August. Raven taught us how to access Timelessness to heal our regrets and worries, Buffalo taught us how to stand strong in the face of opposition, and now Coyote teaches us how to not take life so seriously.

Shanon described the Coyote Portal as one long weekend party. Given that my husband and I just celebrated our 50th birthdays, we thought that holding the Coyote Portal next would be appropriate to keep the celebrating going.

Now that I’ve been to two Portals, you’d think that it would be easy to describe and advertise for these workshops, but they are so experiential that I am still finding it a challenge! I know that saying, “Come, and find out for yourself,” isn’t very helpful, but it actually does apply, you will build your own personal relationship with the animal emissary.

For many of us Empaths, we tend to take what happens to us very personally, and that in turn leads to us being serious and sometimes being melancholy. Learning how to not take life so seriously becomes a life skill and a life line. We Empaths can identify with being sad because we tend to focus on what is lacking in our lives. On the one hand this is helpful because we know exactly what we want to fix and what we would like to create. On the other hand, being in that emotional state much of the time can be hard on our systems, which in turn robs us of our vitality.

Imagine learning simple tools that involve both body movements and music that would allow you to shift out of that state and into a new state at will whenever you needed an extra boost. This is what these Portals workshops offer–tangible tools that shift us immediately and experientially into the mythic and out of the emotional. Imagine being able to shift into the sweetness of life, the fun of life, and maybe experience some mischievousness as well. Coyote is ready and willing, as your ally, to offer you this skill.

The wonderful aspect about these Portals workshops is that there are no pre-requisities, they can be taken in any order, and they stand alone. In contrast, many series need to be taken in order, and a medicine wheel needs to be completed or else we can get “stuck” in one direction. The tools you learn in the Portals workshop are yours for life, to use and deepen as you wish.

If you have been interested in shamanic training, but are hesitant to commit to a program, this is an excellent way to see if this work is right for you. If you are an experienced shaman and interested in learning from a new tradition, Marv and Shanon are two of the few who were given permission by the elders to teach in the Blackfoot Tradition. They have been teaching and in practice for decades; you will be in good hands.

Coyote Portal–August 23rd-25th in Portland.  Learn how to enjoy the sweetness of life–Click here to view the flyer  

Buffalo Portal–March 2019

Raven Portal–August 2018