Free Enneagram Class with my teacher, Katherine Fauvre in April!

Hello All!

As many of you know from working with me, I am a student of the Enneagram, and I encourage my clients to learn the Enneagram as well as a way to get to know the hidden motivations of their Enneagram TriType.  It’s a system that I find useful in shamanic work precisely because it looks at motivations rather then behaviors and as such fits into sussing out shadow work and projections that come up in personal work with clients.

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with one of the world’s leading Enneagram experts, Katherine Chernik Fauvre, for several years now.  I had been taking a writing workshop course, with my coaching colleague, Jenna Avery years ago.  The writing course was around creating characters based on Enneagram types, and the teacher mentioned TriType and Katherine’s name.  I immediately had to look up TriType and I discovered even more to the Enneagram than I had thought.

Over the past seven years or so I’ve worked with and taken classes directly from Katherine on the Enneagram, TriType, the Instincts, and more.  She has so much knowledge and insight into human behavior and personality.  I have encouraged many friends and colleagues to have a session with her.  Now, she’s teaching at the Shift Network.  If you are interested in expanding your knowledge of the Enneagram, or even if you’re just a beginner, this is a great opportunity!

Katherine is offering a FREE class April 23rd, but it will be recorded if you miss it.  If you’d like to register, just click here.  You’ll learn about TriType, how you might have mistyped yourself, and more.   According to Katherine, her class topics will include:

  • Discover advanced Enneagram typing tools that capture the nuances that motivate behavior, creating deeper coherence between you and your life
  • Watch a typing pioneer utilize powerful Enneagram typing tools during a real-time demonstration
  • Explore Katherine’s Tritype typing system that integrates the intelligence of the head, heart, and gut
  • Learn why more than half of all who self-type using the Enneagram may be mistyped
  • Add micro-expressions, body language, and talk style to your typing toolbox to reveal deeper layers of different type

I hope you take advantage of this opportunity!  Click here to register.

More to come soon–we are still recovering from our move.

much love to you all,



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Making Fear Your Ally?

Hello Everyone,

We are just coming out of our late winter storm here in Oregon with so many people still out of power.  My heart goes out to everyone suffering around the country from this crazy ice and snow.  Given the pandemic, and then natural weather events, I’m sure many of us are wondering if 2021 is going to turn more interesting than 2020.

One thing that is permeating the Collective and many of my clients right now is a sense of Fear.  In shamanic practice the shaman knows she cannot get away from Fear–it’s part of the mammalian experience, wired directly into us.  So, how do we deal successfully with Fear?  It’s not going to go away completely, so we want to use it as our Ally, as a signal that we are in danger, and then act on that signal to bring ourselves back to safety.

The problem for many of us right now is that we are in a constant state of fear, and our bodies are wearing down from the stress, and we cannot think logically when we are that fearful all the time.  Fear has turned from being an ally telling us when danger is present, to being turned on all the time.  What do we do?

The most important practice to do, if you aren’t in danger right at this moment, and yes, there are moments when we are mostly OK, is to extend those moments of being OK into the present moment.  Take a breath, pay attention at the top and the bottom of the breath where time is “paused” and let ourselves calm down.

I highly recommend unplugging from the fearful Collective right now.  That might mean refraining from listening to the news or checking in on social media.   Give your system a break, look at where you can be thankful and grateful for your circumstances, and let yourself have a few moments free of fear and anxiety.  Make this a practice each day, extend those fear-free moments, and see what happens.

What usually happens is that the brain can start thinking logically again.  We can start finding solutions to problems that have come up in a creative way again, and we can hear our own inner guidance and hear our spiritual guidance much more easily.  Our hearts can open again–we can do that small act of kindness for another, like send a late valentine card, or make a phone call, or whatever calls out to us to connect to our fellow man.  When we step out of the collective fear, we can find ourselves as individuals again.  Remember, the spiritual journey is an individual one.  We need you to come back to yourself and your beautiful soul.  We need to you pursue your soul’s purpose even in these strange times.

much love to all of you,


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Staying Well in Interesting Times

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to 2021.  Boy, 2020 was definitely at doozy, and I’m sure for many of us 2021 doesn’t feel much better.  What are we to do to take care of ourselves, especially if we are Empathic and Highly Sensitive?

Of course, the first thing I would recommend is tuning out the collective right now by turning off the media in all forms and concentrating on our personal lives, seeing what is working well, seeing what we’d like to change to our benefit and taking a small step in that direction, and then lots of self care for ourselves and our loved ones.

So much of the world is divisive right now–if you are feeling it, pull yourself back in and remember your commonalities with your fellow man, especially those people that you disagree with.  Remember that separation on a spiritual level doesn’t exist–we are all here to learn lessons, love, and live.  Remember that because we are here with free will, Spirit allows everything, even those things that we perceive as bad or evil.  Spirit doesn’t judge.  Try not to divide people/the world/situations into good vs evil.  I know it’s a challenge right now, but Oneness is always a good spiritual practice.

Once you are feeling back into the Oneness of things, then see if the external world feels a bit different–see if you can stay as much as possible in that state of Oneness and be that nice beacon of peace for the people around you.  We are individuals, and at the same time we are all One.  What a great mystery to navigate on this crazy experience of being human.

No matter what comes in 2021 remember who you are–a soul on journey having a human experience, with other souls also on journey around you.

Much love,



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Special Hour on April 18th–Release Fear and Access Your Inner Strength

Hello Everyone,

What an interesting time we are living through right now.  Unless you are working  in one of the essential businesses, you are probably at home with your family, trying to navigate an uncertain and fearful time.  As Empaths, it can be too easy to tune in to the collective and become overwhelmed by fear and uncertainty, which only exacerbates whatever personal fears we have.

As many of you already know, from the shaman’s perspective times like these present an opportunity for change and growth.  Change and growth is hardly ever pleasant, and I’m not discounting the suffering that people are going through right now.  But what can we as Empaths do to help this collective change?

First and foremost, we must take care of ourselves.  We must take care of our own level of fear.  For those of us who are shaman we can be that island of peace for other fearful beings, remembering that fear is an ally but a terrible master.  As Empaths we can offer compassion and our strength of holding emotional space for others.  We are stronger than we think–but we must commit to our self care.

Last month I was interviewed by Bevin Niemann of the Shift Network.  I welcome to those of you who joined my mailing list from that interview!  I’m happy to have you here.  I’m also happy to invite you to a free hour by Bevin that is just for Empaths.  On Saturday, April 18, Bevin, writer, life purpose coach, and co-founder of 1 Million Empaths, will share hard-earned insights and proven practices for navigating life as an empath or HSP during these uncertain times. 

You can register for Release Fear & Access Your Inner Strength & Resilience as an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person, here:

During this special free hour, you’ll discover (or remember):

  • Why being sensitive is actually an evolutionary advantage
  • How being self-focused is not selfish, it’s necessary for your health and vitality
  • How being in defensive and self-protective mode constantly stresses your sensitive nervous system
  • An easy exercise for releasing fear and anxiety — and holding your energetic space
  • Ways to practice sensing and listening to what you’re feeling without trying to “fix” or rescue others

When you can strike a balance — trusting and owning your gifts as an empath or HSP, and allowing them to guide and ground you during tumultuous times (without giving too much of your emotional energies to others) — you’ll mine the many benefits that come with successfully navigating your challenges…

You can RSVP for free here:

I am also accepting a small number of clients at this time–not my regular schedule as I practice self-care, but don’t hesitate to reach out.  The Elk Portal and the Eagle Portal have been rescheduled–more on that coming soon.

Stay well Everyone!

much love,


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Reminder: Evolved Empath Summit Begins This Week!

Hello Everyone!  Just a quick reminder that my interview with the Evolved Empath Summit with the Shift Network airs this week!  You can listen to all 25 Empath experts for free.  I believe my interview is Friday at noon.  Sign up for here.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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Elaine to appear on the Shift Network’s Evolved Empath Summit, March 9-13th

Hi Everyone,

I’m delighted to announce that I will be one of the speakers at the Shift Network’s Evolved Empath Summit, which takes place from March 9-13th.  I will be speaking about how shamanic work can help Empaths heal their themselves and their relationships.  I’m super excited about this interview, and about being a part of the Shift Network for the very first time.  I hope you’ll sign up (for free!) and listen in to these interviews, a few of which I have listed below.

RSVP here for the Evolved Empath Summit — at no charge:

Here’s a sample of what our transformational speakers will be sharing with you…

  • Let go of the burden of being an empath and embrace it as a great strength and gift — even as your superpower — with Anita Moorjani.
  • Strengthen your energetic boundaries in all areas of your life by building a strong sense of self in your energetic body with Wendy De Rosa.  
  • Michael R. Smith, MD, will help you reframe your experience as an empath as a powerful way to replenish your soul and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit… so you can be of service to others.
  • From Judith Orloff, MD, you’ll receive self-care practices, perspectives, and meditations to support empaths and sensitive people in offering compassion without shouldering the suffering of others.
  • With Dr. Shariff Abdullah, you’ll explore ways to perceive events differently, enabling you to work with intense situations, rather than be engulfed by them — and empowering you to become a masterful, joyful creator of your life.
  • Express the full light of your soul, as Dr. Christine Page illuminates the path of intuitive healing to help yourself and others become whole.
  • Jean Haner will guide you in visualizations and provide practices you can do every day to increase your awareness, consciously move your energy, and transform the way you feel and react.
  • Julie Bjelland will shed light on how highly sensitive people (HSPs) can properly balance their nervous system… increasing their sense of wellbeing and allowing their many gifts to emerge and be shared with the world.
  • Discover how to heal empathically transmitted illness and pain at the root level with Dave Markowitz. 
  • If you’ve felt criticized or dismissed for the intensity of your emotions, Tree Franklyn will show you how to listen to your heart’s calling to serve and find the courage to express your message in the world.

And many more…

I will be speaking about Empaths and Relationships, and how shamanic work can help us improve our lives, lead to self-healing, which in turn ripples outward to our relationships.  For those of you who have worked with me before, you know how powerful shamanic work can be in transforming our lives.   I’m honored to be included with these other Empath leaders in helping other Empaths find their way in the world.  Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, and I look forward to seeing you at the summit!

RSVP here for the Evolved Empath Summit — at no charge:

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Elk Portal, April 3-5, 2020, Portland, Oregon!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to 2020!  I hope you are enjoying a good start to the new year.  I’m so excited to announce that we have a time and location for our next Portal!  Come join us the weekend of April 3rd, in Portland, Oregon for a weekend in the world of Elk.

As many of you know, Marv has been my mentor since we met at the Four Winds almost 20 years ago.  I had the pleasure of meeting Shanon during my second experience through the medicine wheel about 10 years ago in Canada.  I’m delighted to bring them to Portland so they can share their unique knowledge of the Blackfoot Tradition taught to them by Joe and Josephine Crowshoe.  You can learn more about their story here.

For those of you who haven’t attended a Portal workshop before, the Portals series offers a gateway to the worlds beyond our consciousness.  There are nine Portals within the series, they may be taken in any order, and they each stand alone.  If you’ve been interested in shamanic training but don’t know if it is right for you, this is a great way to find out.  Within each Portal we learn what each emissary can offer us.  It is an experiential workshop, and so come prepared to create your own individual relationship that you take with you in your own life.

Elk shows us how to stand our ground.  Elk is immovable, self-assured, and powerful.  Elk shows us how to become our own person so we can claim our place in the world.  While the male make his place in the world, the female creates a nurturing community safe under his protection, creating the balance of polar opposites.  In essence, we will learn how to balance the power of both the masculine and feminine in our life.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about the Portal series.  For details on this Workshop, please click here.

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The Empath and Being a Light Worker—Falling into the Judgment Trap

Hello Everyone!  The weather has been just gorgeous here in Portland with the trees showing off their fall colors, and the rain scheduled to stay away through the end of the month.  With school in full swing I’ve been able to get in a groove with my schedule.  Just recently I began a new series of essays based on my client work, and on questions that have come up in my practice.  I wanted to share little tidbits of them with you on the blog today.  I hope you enjoy, and of course I always appreciate the feedback as these will go into a bigger book.

Falling into the Judgment Trap

The most common error many people who begin conscious personal work do, not just Empaths, is to buy into the idea that they are here to be Light Workers and help heal the world.  This is a very good way to get yourself into lots of trouble with judgment.  What is Light?  What is Dark?  Who decides?

The truth of the matter is is that it is all allowed.  Spirit doesn’t judge what we choose to do with our lives and our time here.  We are creating all of it, the beautiful dream and the nightmare.  If we become focused on the beautiful dream, we start excluding and making bad and wrong things that don’t line up with that dream.  We try to cast them out, when in fact they exist.

We do this with the external world, and with the internal world.  When we do this with the internal world we create a very big Shadow.  We become invested in disowning what we’ve deemed bad, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  It very much is, and because we’ve disowned our Shadow, it has great power in our lives to hurt ourselves and the people around us.

First and foremost, try to give up judgment.  Instead focus on discernment.  Decide what is good for you or not good for you, but don’t judge the other person as good or bad.  We are all here on journey, doing our own thing.  Walk away and don’t interact with situations and people that you don’t want to, but try not to view them as horrible human beings despite the actions they’ve taken.  They have their own business to attend to, as do you.

When we give up judgment we are set free in a way that makes it easier to see others and ourselves clearly.  We can forgive ourselves for our foibles, change what we want to change, and have a great time with what we like about ourselves.

If you want to be a healer or a shaman, the first place to start is healing your own life, getting to know your shadow and your projections, taking a good laugh at yourself, and getting to work.


The Light Worker Trap—Every Failed Relationship is in Need of Deep Healing

Another common pitfall that comes up is that Empaths feel wrongness when a relationship comes to an end.  A relationship, especially between healers, should always have a loving, connected outcome.  This is patently false, as can be seen just looking at the state of the world, and looking at the drama that commonly comes between healers and shaman.  Shaman are people.  We all have our stuff to work on and our own journey.  If we do that work, naturally some relationships will fall away.  People don’t match anymore.  This is all allowed.  However, if you’re caught in the Light Worker Trap, you may believe that such close relationships cannot come to an end—they must be fixed, or one or the other is a bad person.

This is nonsense.  In my own personal life I have had several friendships disintegrate right as I was struck psychic.  These relationships were critical to my sense of support and well being, but the truth was the people I was connected to weren’t capable of reciprocating the support I needed.  One person wasn’t interested in a life with a psychic, and the other person wasn’t really willing to do the personal work required.  Neither person misses me at all, and I don’t miss them.  I don’t hate them or think they are bad people—we just no longer matched for the life I was entering.  I don’t send them love or good wishes, either.  I’ve moved on, and so have they.

A few years ago one of my mentors did a destiny retrieval for me because I was caught up in a lifestyle that I didn’t really care for any longer, but couldn’t get out of.  I was making myself sick as a way to escape from it.  The requirement for this destiny retrieval to truly be installed was that I had to be willing to give up everything in my life that didn’t serve me, and I had to mean it.

Interestingly enough, several relationships went by the wayside, some in surprising and dramatic fashion, others quietly and almost without notice.  My life changed dramatically for the better.  But I had to let go and make room for what was best for me.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that if you’re a healer you have to maintain a good relationship with everyone.  You don’t.  Make room for what is best for you, and see what Spirit brings in next.

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Coyote Portal Fast Approaching!

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick note to say that the Coyote Portal Workshop is just a week away!  It’s Friday  August 23rd in the evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday until 5pm.  We have just a few spots left–if you were interested and would like to come, please let me know.  Click here to view the flyer.

Coyote is the fun loving, mischievous trickster, who is also family oriented, and a shape shifter.   I am REALLY looking forward to knowing Coyote better and learning the tools to be able to step into Coyote consciousness at will.  And apparently this workshop feels like a weekend-long party.  Who wouldn’t want that??

If you’ve had an interest in shamanism, but do not want to commit to a full wheel, or needed an introduction this is a nice way to go.  You will learn great skills without needing any prerequisites, and each workshop, although in a series, stands alone.  Please reach out if you have questions.  Click here to learn more.

Much love,


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Coyote Portal in August; Can an Empath Learn to not Take Life so Seriously?

Hello Everyone! 

I hope you are enjoying your summer!  Thank you to everyone who recently signed up for my email list after listening to the Integrated Empath Summit.  I appreciate your interest in my work!  I will be returning in a few days from summer break, and I’m looking forward to getting back to my practie.

I’ve been excited over the past year to host my shaman mentor, Marv Harwood, and his wife, Shanon for the Raven portal last year, the Buffalo Portal this past March, and now the Coyote Portal this coming August.  Raven taught us how to access Timelessness to heal our regrets and worries, Buffalo taught us how to stand strong in the face of opposition, and now Coyote teaches us how to not take life so seriously.

Shanon described the Coyote Portal as one long weekend party.  Given that my husband and I just celebrated our 50th birthdays, we thought that holding the Coyote Portal next would be appropriate to keep the celebrating going. 

Now that I’ve been to two Portals, you’d think that it would be easy to describe and advertise for these workshops, but they are so experiential that I am still finding it a challenge!  I know that saying, “Come, and find out for yourself,” isn’t very helpful, but it actually does apply, you will build your own personal relationship with the animal emissary. 

For many of us Empaths, we tend to take what happens to us very personally, and that in turn leads to us being serious and sometimes being melancholy.  Learning how to not take life so seriously becomes a life skill and a life line.  We Empaths can identify with being sad because we tend to focus on what is lacking in our lives.  On the one hand this is helpful because we know exactly what we want to fix and what we would like to create.  On the other hand, being in that emotional state much of the time can be hard on our systems, which in turn robs us of our vitality.

Imagine learning simple tools that involve both body movements and music that would allow you to shift out of that state and into a new state at will whenever you needed an extra boost.  This is what these Portals workshops offer–tangible tools that shift us immediately and experientially into the mythic and out of the emotional.  Imagine being able to shift into the sweetness of life, the fun of life, and maybe experience some mischievousness as well.  Coyote is ready and willing, as your ally, to offer you this skill.

The wonderful aspect about these Portals workshops is that there are no pre-requisities, they can be taken in any order, and they stand alone.  In contrast, many series need to be taken in order, and a medicine wheel needs to be completed or else we can get “stuck” in one direction.  The tools you learn in the Portals workshop are yours for life, to use and deepen as you wish.

If you have been interested in shamanic training, but are hesitant to commit to a program, this is an excellent way to see if this work is right for you.  If you are an experienced shaman and interested in learning from a new tradition, Marv and Shanon are two of the few who were given permission by the elders to teach in the Blackfoot Tradition.  They have been teaching and in practice for decades; you will be in good hands.

Here are a few words from Marv and Shanon:

Throughout the ages, Shaman have walked many paths – all leading to “Portals”.
Portals are Shamanic gateways to worlds beyond our consciousness;
worlds where true healing exists and miracles happen.
Come walk the animistic and the energetic paths in tandem to amass the
knowledge and skills to create an Amopistaan – your personal animistic mesa.
This in-depth series of 9 seminars (portals) is an on-going program of theory & practical hands-on work.
The portals are designed to facilitate the successful assimilation of information and skills presented.
As the student gains and demonstrates proficiency they will be given rites of passage at each level.

Come and play with the fun-loving, mischievous trickster known as Coyote and get to know a surprising new
side of him. See what this adaptable, family oriented shape-shifter has to offer to you and your life!
The “Portals” Series is open to everyone. No pre-requisites are required for any of the individual seminars.
You may attend them in any order, at any of our teaching locations. Welcome to the journey!


Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.  I am happy to chat on the phone to answer questions about the workshop. 

WORKSHOP DATES: August 23-25th, $399

Friday Registration 4:30-5pm, Friday Class 5pm-9pm

Saturday 9am-8pm

Sunday 9am-5pm

at the Multnomah Arts Center in Multnomah Village, Portland, Oregon.

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