Staying Well in Interesting Times

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to 2021.  Boy, 2020 was definitely at doozy, and I’m sure for many of us 2021 doesn’t feel much better.  What are we to do to take care of ourselves, especially if we are Empathic and Highly Sensitive?

Of course, the first thing I would recommend is tuning out the collective right now by turning off the media in all forms and concentrating on our personal lives, seeing what is working well, seeing what we’d like to change to our benefit and taking a small step in that direction, and then lots of self care for ourselves and our loved ones.

So much of the world is divisive right now–if you are feeling it, pull yourself back in and remember your commonalities with your fellow man, especially those people that you disagree with.  Remember that separation on a spiritual level doesn’t exist–we are all here to learn lessons, love, and live.  Remember that because we are here with free will, Spirit allows everything, even those things that we perceive as bad or evil.  Spirit doesn’t judge.  Try not to divide people/the world/situations into good vs evil.  I know it’s a challenge right now, but Oneness is always a good spiritual practice.

Once you are feeling back into the Oneness of things, then see if the external world feels a bit different–see if you can stay as much as possible in that state of Oneness and be that nice beacon of peace for the people around you.  We are individuals, and at the same time we are all One.  What a great mystery to navigate on this crazy experience of being human.

No matter what comes in 2021 remember who you are–a soul on journey having a human experience, with other souls also on journey around you.

Much love,



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3 Responses to Staying Well in Interesting Times

  1. Kate says:

    Thank you! A beautiful needed message.

  2. Merril Lynn says:

    It’s true we tend to want to do the “good” vs. “evil” thing especially now, but you are right to stir us toward Oneness. Thank you, Elaine.

  3. Linda Ferland says:

    Lovely message & badly needed for many!

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