Making Fear Your Ally?

Hello Everyone,

We are just coming out of our late winter storm here in Oregon with so many people still out of power.  My heart goes out to everyone suffering around the country from this crazy ice and snow.  Given the pandemic, and then natural weather events, I’m sure many of us are wondering if 2021 is going to turn more interesting than 2020.

One thing that is permeating the Collective and many of my clients right now is a sense of Fear.  In shamanic practice the shaman knows she cannot get away from Fear–it’s part of the mammalian experience, wired directly into us.  So, how do we deal successfully with Fear?  It’s not going to go away completely, so we want to use it as our Ally, as a signal that we are in danger, and then act on that signal to bring ourselves back to safety.

The problem for many of us right now is that we are in a constant state of fear, and our bodies are wearing down from the stress, and we cannot think logically when we are that fearful all the time.  Fear has turned from being an ally telling us when danger is present, to being turned on all the time.  What do we do?

The most important practice to do, if you aren’t in danger right at this moment, and yes, there are moments when we are mostly OK, is to extend those moments of being OK into the present moment.  Take a breath, pay attention at the top and the bottom of the breath where time is “paused” and let ourselves calm down.

I highly recommend unplugging from the fearful Collective right now.  That might mean refraining from listening to the news or checking in on social media.   Give your system a break, look at where you can be thankful and grateful for your circumstances, and let yourself have a few moments free of fear and anxiety.  Make this a practice each day, extend those fear-free moments, and see what happens.

What usually happens is that the brain can start thinking logically again.  We can start finding solutions to problems that have come up in a creative way again, and we can hear our own inner guidance and hear our spiritual guidance much more easily.  Our hearts can open again–we can do that small act of kindness for another, like send a late valentine card, or make a phone call, or whatever calls out to us to connect to our fellow man.  When we step out of the collective fear, we can find ourselves as individuals again.  Remember, the spiritual journey is an individual one.  We need you to come back to yourself and your beautiful soul.  We need to you pursue your soul’s purpose even in these strange times.

much love to all of you,


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