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All clients who work with me must be committed enough to their health and healing of their souls to do homework between sessions. A client’s progress is quite literally up to them. Energywork can be done, but will bounce, if the client is unwilling to make space for the new vibration entering their lives.

What this means is that the energywork session is only the beginning of the healing work. Work on the physical, the emotional, and the mythic levels must also be done before and after enegywork sessions. About half a client’s sessions with me are about integrating the energywork.

Homework takes place as follows:

physical body:

  • The hot soak in sea salt (or kosher salt) and baking soda
  • sleeping with water by the bed at night
  • rescue remedy rubbed on the sacrum when physical and emotional processing becomes intense
  • rescue remedy in water to drink
  • florida water to spritz self and objects in room

emotional body:

  • A willingness to feel whatever emotion arises until it has passed through
  • A willingness to observe emotional energyA willingness to hold conflicting emotions at the same time as the emotional body reorganizes itself
  • A commitment to the process of not pulling emotional energy out of or into others around you

the mythic body:

  • A willingness to give up your personal story and instead write your own Hero’s Journey.
  • A willingness to see how you may be run by Archetypal forces that feel personal but are Universal
  • A willingness to see how you are creating your life, even the suffering parts.
  • A willingness to step out of the Drama Triangle: those roles of Archetypal Victim, Recuser, and Bully.
  • A willingness to step into new energy, especially that of returned soul parts, gifts, and power animals.
  • Clients must be willing to build altars, do sandpaintings, and or fire ceremony as needed.

the energetic body:

  • Practice visualizations and meditations
  • Clearing spaces in the home energetically,
  • Learning how to sit in sacred space
  • Learning how to open sacred space
  • The receving of rites such as Bands of Protection to fortify the energybody
  • Learning breathing exercises to fortify the energy body and the Bands of Protection

Objects to have in your tool chest:

Physical Body Support Tools:

Rescue Remedy, Florida Water, Sea Salt or Kosher Salt, Baking Soda, Healthful Foods

Mythic Mapping Tools:

Sacred objects such as rocks, small stuffed animals, coins, etc. for altar building and also for post Soul Retrieval work

If you don’t have a backyard, a small tupperware container of sand for sandpainting

The major Arcana from any Tarot deck for mythic mapping. (You do not need to know anything about the Tarot or any card’s meanings.)

A small out-of-the-way bookshelf or table for Altar Building.

Energywork Tools:

A small metal bowl or pot pie tins, Epsom Salts, 91% rubbing alcohol, toothpicks, and matches for Fire Ceremony

Candles, Incense, Florida Water, Bell or Rattle, Salt, for Clearing Rooms

Florida water can be purchased at Shaman’s Market (see link on my website) or you can make your own by using 3/4 vodka, 1/4 water and enough drops of your favorite essential oils so that you can smell it when you spritz it around the room. I like using citrus oils in my homemade version of Florida water.  Shake the mixture vigorously about 100 times and leave in the sunshine before using.

Books to read before you commit to working with me: Shaman Healer Sage by Alberto Villoldo, Healing the Past Mending the Future with Soul Retrieval by Albeto Villoldo. If you are an empath having trouble managing your gifts, also read The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron and The Psychic Pathway by Sonia Choquette and the articles on my website.