Free Enneagram Class with my teacher, Katherine Fauvre in April!

Hello All!

As many of you know from working with me, I am a student of the Enneagram, and I encourage my clients to learn the Enneagram as well as a way to get to know the hidden motivations of their Enneagram TriType.  It’s a system that I find useful in shamanic work precisely because it looks at motivations rather then behaviors and as such fits into sussing out shadow work and projections that come up in personal work with clients.

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with one of the world’s leading Enneagram experts, Katherine Chernik Fauvre, for several years now.  I had been taking a writing workshop course, with my coaching colleague, Jenna Avery years ago.  The writing course was around creating characters based on Enneagram types, and the teacher mentioned TriType and Katherine’s name.  I immediately had to look up TriType and I discovered even more to the Enneagram than I had thought.

Over the past seven years or so I’ve worked with and taken classes directly from Katherine on the Enneagram, TriType, the Instincts, and more.  She has so much knowledge and insight into human behavior and personality.  I have encouraged many friends and colleagues to have a session with her.  Now, she’s teaching at the Shift Network.  If you are interested in expanding your knowledge of the Enneagram, or even if you’re just a beginner, this is a great opportunity!

Katherine is offering a FREE class April 23rd, but it will be recorded if you miss it.  If you’d like to register, just click here.  You’ll learn about TriType, how you might have mistyped yourself, and more.   According to Katherine, her class topics will include:

  • Discover advanced Enneagram typing tools that capture the nuances that motivate behavior, creating deeper coherence between you and your life
  • Watch a typing pioneer utilize powerful Enneagram typing tools during a real-time demonstration
  • Explore Katherine’s Tritype typing system that integrates the intelligence of the head, heart, and gut
  • Learn why more than half of all who self-type using the Enneagram may be mistyped
  • Add micro-expressions, body language, and talk style to your typing toolbox to reveal deeper layers of different type

I hope you take advantage of this opportunity!  Click here to register.

More to come soon–we are still recovering from our move.

much love to you all,



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