Energy Healing

My energy healings are for clients who have situations in their lives that have been unresolved in any other way.  These include healing from repeated unwanted experiences, psychic attack, soul loss, family or generational patterns, and intrusive energies.   Sometimes physical ailments also improve when the energetic imprint is removed.  Also, I can help loved ones cross over and invite in the client’s life purpose and destiny.  Because this work is very profound for clients, and may cause temporary upheaval as their systems integrate the healings, I do not offer stand alone healings unless you have worked with me before.

Most of my training is shamanic based, which simply means that I have been trained in the traditions of the indigenous people of Peru (Inka).  I am a graduate of the Healing the Light Body program with the Four Winds, and have studied privately with shamanic practitioners trained in native american and tibetan shamanism.  If you are not familiar with shamanism, the work can seem a little strange.  I work with stone allies, plant allies, animal allies, rattles, feathers, journeywork and other medicine tools.  What is important in energy medicine is not necessarily the tools, but the intention of the shaman and the client.

Clients do not need to come to my office to receive a healing.  In fact, at the moment I offer only long distance healings via the phone.  I have performed healings on clients in different locations around the world from my office in Portland, Oregon.

I have found the energy work and coaching go naturally together, and that having energy work done can speed the coaching process.  The type of energy work I do removes blocks from the client so he has less baggage and can embrace his calling much more easily.  Usually I will recommend some energy work for my on-going coaching clients, especially if they are empaths or beginning intuitives.

Clients interested in energy healing must commit to two 1 hour sessions in order to integrate the work into their system, unless you have had an intuitive reading with me, or have been a coaching client. (The cost is $400 over one month).  I schedule the two sessions two weeks apart.  If a client feels that they need more work, I ask that they wait a month to let the energy settle, and then schedule a new session.   Clients should be prepared that this work will take commitment both in time and money over several weeks. Payment for each session is due the day of the healing.  It’s important to understand that the effectiveness of the healing depends on the client’s willingness to do the work of integration after the healing, which in most cases takes several weeks.

For many clients two sessions with me is just the beginning of great change for the better in their lives.   After that, those clients see me every once in a while, or more often when a big life change occurs.

Because the work can be intense but incredibly transformative, I work only with those people who are fully committed to themselves and their personal healing. Those clients not only receive support during scheduled sessions, but also email support and help with clearing their fields in between sessions.

The point of my work is to help empower my clients to create the life of their dreams. While I am here to support my clients, I am not here to create those lives for them. I am here to help clients see where they are blocked, to help them remove those blocks, and to bring in energy that they must learn how to integrate themselves.

This process is not for anyone looking for a graceful or easy process. For most of my clients big shifts occur, not just little ones. Those shifts can mean feeling physically wrung out, emotionally volatile, and in general temporarily confused as Life reorganizes itself. Please work with me only if you are willing to go through this process knowing that it could be gentle, but it most likely will have big bumps, unless you have done much personal work already, and sometimes even if you have.

Scheduling energy work:

Please contact me via my contact page, and I will return your email within a few days.


Ever since the moment I met with Elaine my life has changed for the better.  She has been like a lighthouse during the dark periods of my life.  I have received several energy sessions with her and have been able to cut cords that  have been draining me for years.  Elaine’s work is very powerful and subtle.  She  will help you let go of stuff that is holding you back, while helping to rush in new positive energy. I look forward to working with Elaine in the future.—Emily Mitchell

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