Another Generational Imprint Story

One of the most rewarding energywork sessions I did was with a young teenager.  This boy was very sensitive and psychic, and had been plagued with feeling uncomfortable in his room, and uncomfortable on the stairs in his home.  When I first met him to talk to him about his intuitive abilities, I noticed that he needed a fluid extraction—that he had an entity connected into him through one of his chakras.  I also had the sense that this entity felt entitled to hang off of him, that somehow the boy and the entity had made a deal of some kind.

During our session together, I journeyed to the underworld to see what the original contract that bound them was.  The story I was shown was of a father being executed for some foolish crime, and his son looking on.  The son felt abandoned in the world, and the father was so guilt ridden, that he made an unintentional contract to always in the future be available for his son.  Unfortunately what had happened was that in this lifetime the father was my teenage client, and the entity was the little boy who hadn’t bothered to reincarnate into a body, but was lost in limbo.

During the journey I performed an underworld extraction, breaking the original contract between the two of them.  I assured the father that his son would be taken care of, and that in the current lifetime the original contract was causing both of them problems.  I also reassured the son that he would be taken care of and healed.

After I returned from the underworld, I performed a fluid extraction to remove the entity from my teenage client.  Whereas before this entity seemed uncooperative and nasty, intentionally scaring my client, it was now quite docile and easy to remove.  At the fire ceremony where I released the entity to the four directions, and to the spirit helpers that guide us in crossing over, I saw the little boy move off with two angels, but before he left, he turned around and waved at me, thanking me for his release.

My teenage client felt immediately better, had no problems sleeping, and now could navigate down the stairs of his home without getting shivers up his spine.

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  1. Amanda Nash says:

    Hi Elaine,

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for your insight and the compassion that is evident in you through your writing. The compilation of your Empath books have enabled me to see clearly some of my patterns and where I need to work on healing myself. I especially resonated with the idea that we are no our feelings, that it is possible to observe and make the choice NOT to react. This had honestly never occurred to me. Mind…Blown!

    Any hoo, while I could go on at length responding to any of you essays I am struck by this one. Perhaps you could offer your insight.

    I have been working with a woman whom I tend to refer to as my spiritual counselor. She uses a lot of the methods that are employed by shamans although I have never heard her identify herself in this way. One of the first times I went to her for counseling she performed an extraction on me. It came up very organically in our session that I had a constant pain in my neck and shoulder, for 20+ years, that caused friction between me and my massage therapist (a messy dual relationship as we are also colleagues and energy workers) because he accused me of not wanting to let go of this pain. My counselor suggested that this was an entity that she could try to remove if I was willing. This rang true for me as the pain had always seemed like a “thing” with a life of its own. As soon as she suggested removing it I became very protective of this entity and felt nervous and scared. I asked her, please don’t hurt it. Now that I was consciously aware of it, it felt young. She assured me she would be gentle with it. As she was working I could feel it trying to run, to hide, the pain was moving into different areas of my upper back and neck. I had silent tears. I wouldn’t let go of it.

    She told me as she was working that it was young and that it had family waiting on the other side. She said that it was wound down deep into my solar plexus chakra and that it had been hard to remove. Once it was gone I felt…bereft of this thing that had sapped my energy for so long. I missed it and I felt lost and empty. I wish my counselor and I had more of a conversation around what or who this was. Reading your essay resonates so strongly, wondering if this was a past life connection. Is there any way for me to find out? Since this work happened in the middle world do you think there is still work to do in the under world, that perhaps I could find the answer? It has been about a year since this session and I can still feel a loneliness if I allow it. Any resources or input would be appreciated.

    I am moving into shamanic study myself and had an experience on retreat in Peru with a shaman and 6 Ayahuasca ceremonies over 10 days. During the 3rd or 4th ceremony he extracted one very dark entity from me and 3 others that seemed rather weak. Everything changed for me, energetically after that ceremony but I still have so much work to do. I can see the reason now, for all the abuse and trauma I suffered through my childhood. And with the help of your books, I am starting to see the abuse and trauma I have been perpetrating on myself through engaging the patterns created long ago. All of these experiences have given me the perspective needed to hold the light for others, when I am ready. Thank you for being a part of my journey.


    • Amanda Nash says:

      I feel like I need to add something else. The next day, after the extraction I had an unsettling experience with a massage client. As I was working with my eyes closed I saw a ferocious face rise up from the dark and fly into my own face with such force that I flinched. It seemed to bounce right off of me. It had such a malevolent feeling to it, my skin crawls to think about it. At the time, my life was in a state of turmoil, I was separated from my fiancé, he had moved out and things were incredibly tense, this was about a month before I left for Peru.

      I could feel the evil of this thing circling me for weeks. I felt like I was going crazy. I mentioned the experience to the same colleague mentioned above and he said he had “put a golden bubble” around me after my extraction. But the thing was still trying to get in. It did not feel like the first entity, this thing was hate. I salted the perimeter of my home, around my daughters crib and said prayers(not usually my thing) with 3 white candles burning. I did this every night. About 2 weeks into it I had had enough and called the thing out. That I was stronger and it was messing with the wrong person! Things were falling off my walls and it sounded like books were falling from my book case. I meditated on strengthening my chakras and light bodies and cast the same light over my daughter and tied her to me. I was startled out of a trance by a strong cold wind (in my closed up house) and my candles were flickering. The thing was gone, I was alone and my home was clear. I need some ideas on WTF! I need training and guidance and would welcome some direction.


      • Elaine says:

        It could be that your counselor did not perform the first extraction within sacred space. Without that all sorts of “entities” have access to your field–the extraction work opens you up, after all. I am very sorry that you went through that and had the poltergeist-y experience afterwards. It sounds like you took care of it fine, but it must have been alarming.

        If you are interested in some baby steps training, feel free to sign up for a week of email support with me and we can talk further.

        sending hugs!

    • Elaine says:

      HI Amanda,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with me on my blog. It sounds like yes, your counselor did perform a fluid extraction, but also, as you can already feel, it perhaps wasn’t completely healing for you and the entity that was attached to you. For my clients I talk to the entity to see what the relationship was, and if there were any contracts between you. If so, then many times underworld work is needed. If the entity has passed, then death rites are needed. It almost sounds like this extraction could have used both those interventions. I am so sorry you are still feeling the loss. You might want to set up a session with Vanessa (her info is on the homepage of this site) so she can track this for you and make sure the entity has gone where she needed to go.

      sending you hugs!

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