About Elaine

Elaine_McFarland_(small)6My Mission:

Hello!  I am so glad you are visiting my website.  My goal is to offer resources and insights for Empaths and those who love them.  For those of you that don’t know me, I am a spirit-based, certified life coach, an Intuitive Reader, and a Shaman who specializes in mentoring clients who want to cultivate their intuitive gifts and follow the calling of their souls.

Clients who work with me address issues that may be holding them back from fully embracing their calling. Much of the energywork I do removes blocks and old contracts that keep my clients stuck in old patterns or old fears. After our work together clients understand better how to express their gifts in the world and are more empowered to do so.

I am also an Empath, which means that I can track the emotions and physical symptoms of my clients easily. In fact, before I was trained, my usual state was to feel and experience others’ emotions and physical symptoms.  As you can imagine, this was very confusing. Part of my practice is devoted to working with Empaths so that they can understand their experiences.

My Writing:

Please feel free to explore my site and blog for free essays on Empaths and on Shamanic Work.  I have also published five non-fiction books for Empaths and one fiction book about an Empath which can be purchased at digital booksellers, Barnes and Noble, the Apple store, and at Amazon in both digital and softcover.

My Training:

I have completed Sonia Choquette’s Six Sensory Certification program Level I and Level II.  I have studied privately with shamanic practitioners and I have completed the Four Winds’ Healing the Light Body certification in November of 2005, and their Advanced Soul Retrieval certification in 2007. I have worked with Marv and Shannon Harwood of Kimmapii Spirit Energies of Canada and Wake and Kinlen Wheeler of Sacred Pathways in Oregon.  I have also trained a few students in advanced Soul Retrieval and Underworld Work.

I occasionally write updates on my blog and take a few email support clients.

You can contact me through my website, here.