Generational Imprints

Sometimes a client comes to me with a problem that cannot be fully solved with an illumination or with a fluid extraction.  They may find that they have little control over the situation unfolding in their lives.  They may also notice that the people in their family have the same problem, or a permutation of the problem.  Usually when I see this, I suspect my client needs to have a generational imprint removed.

Our family not only passes on to us their genetic material, but they can also pass on to us their energetic contracts that they have made in their lives, which can keep their descendants bound.  This usually was not done intentionally or maliciously, but came about from some traumatic wounding.  Releasing a person from these old contracts means not only healing the client, but also healing his relatives, especially the ones who have already crossed over.

One example of this is a client who was having a hard time stepping out of his family dynamic of family sticks together no matter what.  He understood intellectually that the family group think was creating unhealthy emotional situations within his family and was stressing his marriage by making him feel guilty for putting his marriage first instead of his family obligations.  He knew he had to change his behavior, but he could not get over feeling like he was doing something incredibly wrong even though he understood he was doing what was best for him.

When I did a soul retrieval for him, I journeyed to the “underworld”, which is where all the lost soul parts, old contracts, and ingrained beliefs of our psyche are stored.  In locating the original wounding, I did not find my client, but instead found a grandfather who had been orphaned at an early age.  This grandfather was holding very tightly to a teddy bear and was traumatized by loneliness and feelings of abandonment.  The contract this little boy had written was that in order to feel loved and included, family must hold together no matter what.  There was also a secondary contract or expectation that family really need to pull together because the most important people die early.  Within the place where the contract was held were all the descendants of this grandfather, including my client.  They appeared to be bound in chains.

As the shaman I told the grandfather that his contract was preventing his grandson from having the life that he really wanted, and in fact was bringing him the opposite of love and connection.  The grandfather was horrified by this realization and agreed that the contract needed to be broken and rewritten.  I assured the grandfather that the reason, or the benefit, of having such a contract would stay in place, which was the ability to make connection and community and feel loved in the world.  Then I broke all the chains between all the relatives in the family and freed my client.  I also rewrote the contract to say that my client was free to form the relationships he wanted so he could have the love he needed in the world.  I destroyed the contract about dying at an early age.

(It turns out that my client’s grandfather was an orphan and that the grandfather, uncle, and my client’s mother had died early from either heart disease or breast cancer, both of which are heart chakra issues.  My client’s contract was associated with the heart chakra, too.)

When I went to look for the soul part of my client that had been lost because of the contract, I found a similar little boy and the grandfather but this time he was at peace and healed.  The grandfather gave me the teddy bear and also told me to tell my client that the bear represented what he really wanted to pass on as a legacy.   I was also given a polar bear to take with me to help my client have the strength to maintain his own personal will power.  When I returned from the journey I “blew” the soul part into the heart chakra, along with the power animal.  I could see my client respond to the added energy.

Usually it takes a few weeks or even months to fully integrate a soul part.  But, my client had been in preparation for the return of this soul part for more than a year, and was ready to immediately incorporate it.  (He had changed whatever behaviors needed to be changed but simply wasn’t at peace with the changes.)  By the next day he was feeling centered, empowered, and at peace with his decisions, and his relationship with his extended family completely shifted.  He was able to fully commit to putting his own needs first, then the needs of his marriage, and finally the needs of his family in third place without feeling any guilt or feeling wrong for doing so.

What is amazing about removing a generational imprint is that all members of the family are healed in some way.  If the family members have already crossed over, they are completely freed of the contract, so when they next incarnate, they do not have to live through it again.  Any future children the client has will not have the contract.  Any relatives that are living will be affected in some way—some may be completely healed, but usually they may need a little work done themselves.  In every case, every person is affected positively in some way.  And as one family member breaks the cycle and begins doing something new, this by itself ripples out onto the group.

Sometimes our underworlds contain punitive beliefs or other dark things, and an underworld extraction is needed, similar to an extraction of a generational imprint.  Click here to read more about underworld extractions.  Click here to read more stories of resolved underworld contracts and their affect on clients and their families.

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