Death Rites

One of the greatest gifts we can give our loved ones is support as they complete this lifetime and cross over to the other side.  Besides our presence and our prayers, we can also offer them death rites which help clear out their chakras so they can leave the body easily.  Usually crossing over takes place naturally with no problems.  Every once in a while a loved one can need help fully leaving the body and finding the way to the guides that will help them into the light.

The death rites, which consist of opening the chakras in a spiral pattern after clearing them out, allow the energy of the recently passed client to leave easily.  If a person has trouble fully leaving the body, they can remain connected into a chakra, almost hovering above the body after the body has breathed its last breath.  Usually after the death rites are performed, the energy leaves in a giant whoosh out one of the chakras.

Recently I had the opportunity to assist a good friend in the passing of her grandmother.  My friend is extremely gifted intuitively, and could sense that her grandmother was confused and still connected in to her third chakra.  When I checked in on her grandmother long distance, it appeared that most of her was still in the upper half of the body with the rest of her energy coming out of the third chakra.

After completing the death rites we both saw the energy come out of the third chakra and hover above the body.  The grandmother was no longer connected to the body, but was floating over it, enjoying the prayers of her loved ones who had all gathered in the room, speaking the names of relatives who had already crossed over to come and assist.

The death rites can also be performed on the living to ensure that a long standing pattern is put permanently to rest.  Usually this is done after an underworld extraction where old contracts are either renegotiated or destroyed in the underworld.  The death rites performed in this world solidify the ending of the old way, allowing the client a fresh start.

I had one client who had several past lifetime memories of being burned in a fire or being the one locking people in building and setting it ablaze.  This had repeated in her current lifetime with her apartment blowing up from a gas leak.  After I went to the underworld to end the contract that caused the original problem, I performed the death rites on her in this world to make sure that the pattern was permanently put to rest and she could move on with her life as a new person.

To learn more about the death rites, see Alberto Villoldo’s book, Shaman Healer, Sage.  The death rites can be performed by anyone for their loved one.

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