Illumination: Chakra Clearing

Back in 1999, I began learning about the chakras not just by reading about them, but by actually feeling them.  Without being fully aware of what I was doing, I began doing mini chakra healings on my friends with my hands.  Even though I was using my hands, they never needed to touch the person.  This energy work was always inspired in the moment.

Later I began receiving clear guidance from helpers and healers on the other side of what to do to expand the effectiveness of the healing space.  I didn’t really understand the why of it, only that it seemed to make a difference in how the person approached life afterwards.  One of the more remarkable healings I performed was on my husband in which healers from the other side showed me how to remove a stifling covering on his heartcenter which was preventing him from having the romantic relationships he desired.  At that time I was easily seeing energy and hearing my guides.  Just a few hours afterwards, my then gun-shy friend decided that he was open to having a romantic relationship with me, whereas before the healing he was too blocked to even consider it.  Interestingly enough, I mostly forgot about this amazing experience.

As I began coaching and teaching workshops in 2003, every once in a while I would be inspired to offer to clear someone’s chakras or help their energy come back into their body.  On one occasion I cleared out a client’s root chakra.  She had been looking desperately for employment for over a year.  A few days after this clearing, she was offered a job that she hadn’t applied for that was just what she wanted.  After a few more episodes like that, I decided I needed to know more about what I was doing.  When I attended the Healing the Light Body School five years after my initial chakra clearing with my husband, I was flabbergasted to discover that I already knew how to do the Illumination Process Dr. Villoldo taught.  In fact, I had already done it several years before.

The theory behind this type of healing is that our energy system, when we go through a traumatic experience, becomes imprinted with the experience.  Our chakras act as the interface between the energetic plane and the physical/emotional plane.  This imprint is uploaded by the chakra and stored in our aura holographically, meaning it is everywhere at once.  When something occurs in our lives later to trigger the experience, the imprint reenters the originally affected chakra and begins running our lives so that we repeat the pattern.  This occurs in an effort to help us become aware of the pattern and heal it ourselves.  However, many deeply emotional experiences tend to catch us so we can not make fully conscious choices about our responses.  And, even when we are fully conscious of the pattern and how it operates, we may still find ourselves doing the same exact thing, to our frustration and suffering.

What I do during these healings is activate the pattern the client wishes to heal, and then I help remove the pattern permanently from the affected chakra.  Once the pattern is removed, I overwrite the chakra so it cannot be reimprinted unless the person has a similar traumatic experience.  Results can be dramatic or very subtle.  Sometimes another deeper pattern is discovered underneath the presenting one.

In all of this, the client is the one who is responsible for the healing.  As the healer or shaman, while I am doing the technique and following my guides’ instructions, if the client isn’t ready and willing to heal, no change will occur.  I encourage my clients who want healings to examine carefully if they are ready and willing for their lives to change.  And as a healer, my responsibility isn’t to heal the client, but to hold the healing space to help the client heal himself.

For more information, see Alberto Villoldo’s book, Shaman Healer Sage.

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