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I just returned from another Soul Retrieval Training given by the Four Winds.  This training concentrated on Destiny Retrieval.  Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it!!  Destiny Retrieval includes the art of journeying to the upperworld and retrieving healed states, gifts, and the essences of what we would like to create in our future. 

I have many inquiries from potential clients who want to have a Destiny Retrieval.  However, the key to a successful Destiny Retrieval is to work on all the old stuff that needs to be put to rest (die) in order to bring in something new (rebirth)  That means lots of soul retrieval work, extractions, and illuminations to clear the old imprints so the person’s energyfield is ready to receive the new information.

In my work with my clients, every once in a while, usually after several months of working together, I am not allowed into the underworld (where soul retrieval work is usually done) but told to go to the upperworld instead.  Those times are very exciting for me because it’s a sure indication that my client has done his or her work that they are ready! and the Great Spirit agrees.

Destiny Retrieval IS wonderful, but it is powerful work.  If we don’t step into that powerful destiny retrieved for us, our lives can turn bad.  I’ve actually seen this happen to people who don’t have a formal shamanic destiny retrieval, but who instead commit to a big change in their lives (to go to school, to bring in the right mate, etc.) and then they don’t take the steps necessary to bring it into being.  So, it is important to recognize that we already do create our destinies with each dream we dream and each choice we make.

The shamanic work adds more power to what we already do in a clear way. 

If you have questions or comments, let me know!


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