Solid and Fluid Extractions

The Illumination process moves blocked or stagnant energy due to trauma out of the affected chakra.  However, sometimes the energy becomes solidified to the point where some of the energy must be removed by hand.  When the body is scanned, the dense energy left over can appear as objects such as sticks, knives, swords, clothing, armor, etc.  Usually this energy is ready to come out and is called a solid extraction.

Sometimes a chronic injury can have trouble healing because of one of these solid energies has been activated within the energy body.  The normal energy of the body does not flow well because of the blockage.  When the solid energy is removed, healing can proceed along rapidly.  One of my clients had been suffering from a pain in her right ear for a few weeks in the mornings.  When I scanned her, I saw what looked to be a funnel sticking out of her ear.  I removed the object, did some clearing work on the inside of her ear, and her symptoms completely disappeared.

Having solid extraction work is not a substitute for seeing a medical doctor, however.  Another client had symptoms of dizziness and trouble hearing in one of her ears, but she needed a help from a medical doctor in order to manage what was occurring to her body on the physical plane.  I helped by removing the energetic imprint so that her symptoms were not likely to come back to the physical plane.  We also worked on any emotional debris that could have been adding to the whole situation.  By looking at all the planes, not just the energetic, my client is feeling much better.

Another type of energy that cannot be removed by the Illumination process is a fluid or moving energy.  Usually this energy hooks into a chakra but is free to move around the body.  Sometimes these energies are thought forms that have enough consciousness to them that they can sound like voices or personalities to us, but do not belong to us.

This type of energy is removed using an extraction crystal—usually a clear quartz double terminated 12 sided crystal.  First I run energy up the spine to loosen any fluid energies from the chakras, and then I help the energy into the crystal.  Clients can sometimes feel where the energy is moving within their body and when it leaves their body and moves into the crystal.

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