Extracting Fluid Entities

Parts of ourselves that we reject can also be passed on to others who are better able to handle the energy than we are. These parts of other people’s psyches, usually shadow parts, can be confusing running around inside our energy bodies. Most of my clients are very sensitive and empathic, and tend to pick up unwanted energy from others. One of the first things I do with my on-going clients is remove these energies and then help them strengthen their energetic boundaries so they are less susceptible to taking on others’ energies from around them.

Very rarely a fluid energy is actually a disembodied being. In such cases the entity is extracted in the same way as other fluid energies, except after the extraction the being crosses over, usually helped by guides or other family members that have already passed. While the concept of fluid entities can seem fantastic and unbelievable or scary and connected with evil, in my experience when such cases come up, the entities are lost souls who have become confused and have attached to someone they love or recognize as being naturally helpful and compassionate.

I had one client who had taken care of a dying sick mother for two years. Soon after her mother died, my client began developing the same symptoms that had killed her mother. She became sicker and sicker and very confused. When she told me her story, I suspected that her mother had become lost crossing over and had gone to the person she knew would take care of her. When I checked my client’s energy system, the mother had connected in to one of the chakras. I drew her out of my client’s body and into the extraction crystal. At the fire ceremony, I released all the energy in the crystal, and guides came in to help the soul cross to where it needed to go. My client’s symptoms disappeared, she became physically well, and her emotional distress (depression and confusion) also cleared.

I am often asked about low vibration or malicious entities who connect into pets or open people. In those cases, yes, the entity is causing trouble. But once these entities are removed, it is still apparent that they are lost souls trying to survive in a confusing world in which they no longer belong. By standing in on my client’s behalf, Spirit always comes in to help the client and the lost soul. Sometimes the client has made a deal with the entity that allows the entity to stay connected. In those cases I look at the original contract between them and break the contract so both the client and the entity can move on.

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