Elk Portal, June 12th-14th 2020!

Given the Corona Virus, we had to reschedule the next Portal from April to June.  Come join us on the weekend of June 12th, in Portland, Oregon for a weekend in the world of Elk.  If you haven’t seen the flyer, please click here

Quick details:

Dates: June 12th-14th, 2020 at Escape and Paint;

12830 SW Canyon Rd, Beaverton OR 97005

Friday, 4:30 registration, with class beginning at 5pm

Saturday 9am-9pm

Sunday 9am-5pm

Register by June 1st.  Just send me an email at coachelaine at clearreflectioncoaching.com

Elaine’s thoughts:

I am delighted to bring Marv and Shanon Harwood of Kimmapii to introduce us to the Blackfoot tradition through their Portals Workshops.  As many of you know, I was a reluctant shaman who finally did my training through the Four Winds medicine wheel and healing practices way back in 2004.  I deepened my training and practice by going through the wheel again with Marv and Shanon about ten years ago up in Alberta, Canada.  At that time they introduced us to a little of the Blackfoot tradition, which I had very little experience, but the land and the elders felt very close.  The Portals workshops are from the Blackfoot tradition–it feels like coming home for me.  If you’ve been through the Four Winds, you will enjoy these workshops; if you are new to shamanic work, this is a gentle way to be introduced to the world of the animal emissaries and what they have to teach us.  Each Portal is a gateway to the consciousness of the animal emissary..  It is an experiential workshop, and so come prepared to create your own individual relationship with Elk.

While Raven showed us how to step into Timelessness to heal our regrets and worries, Elk shows us how to stand our ground.  Elk is immovable, self-assured, and powerful.  Elk shows us how to become our own person so we can claim our place in the world.  While the male make his place in the world, the female creates a nurturing community safe under his protection, creating the balance of polar opposites.  If you feel like you could use the tool of being able to step straight into this vibration, this workshop is for you!

On Friday evening we come together to introduce ourselves, Elk, and to receive rites that will help us grow the seed of Elk within us.  This preparation is very important to stepping through the Portal and forming our group.  The next two days are experiential in that we will be stepping in and out of Elk consciousness using body movement and music.  We will also initiate a stone for our amipostaan (small medicine bundle), and for those of you who have attend the past Portals, you’ll receive your Raven feather, or Buffalo hair, or Coyote hair. 

Shamanic trainings are always about taking our personal work and transforming those hurts or traumas into strengths.  Because of this, come prepared to hold a safe space for yourself and the others in the group, and know that that will be provided for you with our amazing instructors.  Support outside of the workshop as you integrate Elk into your life is available as well.  Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions!