Coach for Life:  My spirit-based coaching school.  If you are interested in becoming a life coach, and you operate from spirit, you’ll love this school and their community!

The Four Winds:  My shamanic based energy medicine school.  I highly recommend Alberto Villoldo’s books for a great introduction into Inka based shamanism.  The Four Winds Society offers lectures, trainings, and healings around the world.

Kimmapii Spirit Energies:  Marv and Shannon Harwood run an intimate and broad energy medicine program.  Marv is a shaman trained in both North American shamanism and Inka/Amazonian shamanism.  He trains beginners in shamanic work, and he is also the person I go to for advanced shaman skills as well.  Marv’s school is located in Alberta, Canada.  If you are looking for an intimate and deep learning experience, I recommend Marv’s classes and individual mentoring.

Gangaji:  If you desire ultimate freedom from suffering, if you desire truth more than anything else, Gangaji may be your teacher.  She has a wonderful sense of humor and the words for what in the end cannot be put into words.  I have found her CD’s incredibly helpful in releasing myself from my own suffering.

Sonia Choquette:  Sonia is a world renowned psychic and spiritual teacher.  I highly recommend her books, The Psychic Pathway, Your Heart’s Desire, Wise Child, and True Balance for a practical and down to earth guidance in the spiritual realm.  Sonia offers readings and lectures around the country—She was one of my first teachers.

Irina Dittert:  Irina is a fellow classmate from my Four Winds training.  Since that time she has studied with different shaman from Peru to Canada.  She is located in Germany, and has put together a small school for serious students of shamanic work.  Her program balances male and female energies, helps students build a powerful mesa, and teaches various energy work and healing techniques.   If you want a thorough training in a small school with a gifted and highly ethical teacher, I highly recommend Irina’s work.  You can reach Irina by email at