Why do I almost achieve success, but then I fizzle out?

I had a client who wanted to bring more success and abundance into her life, but whenever she got going on something, she’d find herself sabotaging herself.  This woman was particularly gifted in many areas of her life, and she was highly motivated, so the self-sabotage was extremely frustrating for her.  She was training to run her first marathon, but a month before the marathon, her body began to hurt, and she couldn’t keep up with her mates.

To her, this felt like another success about to be snatched out of her hands.  When I took a look at what was going on in her underworld, I saw a man trudging through the snow, wearing heavy furs, carrying firewood.  He seemed sad and overburdened.  When I asked him what had happened to him, he showed me that he had went for a career as a musician, but he had failed.  He had gone for his dream, but for whatever reason it had not worked out, and now he was poor and suffering (and heartbroken) because of it.

When I went to the contract room, it looked to me that this had happened five generations back or so.  All the contracts that he had written were around it not being safe to go after a dream.  In fact, the benefit to having this contract was to prevent his descendants from the pain and disaster of what he experienced when he failed.  When I explained to the ancestor that his descendant really could succeed, that what she wanted to succeed in was well supported in this time, and that she had incredible spiritual support to get there, he began to listen to me.

This ancestor let me do a healing on him in the underworld.  Then I was able to break the chains that bound all the descendants together, including to my client’s two daughters.  Finally, once the ancestor was fully cleared of the imprint, he gladly left with blessings for his great great granddaughter.  I wrote in new contracts for my client that it was Safe to Succeed, and that she had all the support that she needed to succeed.

When I went to the next chamber to retrieve the healed soul part, I was amused to find a sixteen year old pair of legs there.  I had the impression that my client was about to enjoy the return of the vitality of her legs.  The legs eventually expanded into a sixteen year old girl.  The girl picked out a pair of running shoes, and for the power animal, she brought back a Fox.

I wasn’t sure what the fox meant, but the legs and the shoes felt obvious.  The next day my client let me know that she had returned to her running schedule with no pain or problems, and that she had looked up the fox, and it was known for trotting for long distances without tiring.