Can an Intuitive Hit feel bad?

One questions I’m asked often in my intuition class is, Can an intuition feel bad? In my personal experience, I’d have to say that Yes, an intuitive hit can definitely feel uncomfortable.

There are of course intuitive hits that feel neutral, calm, and very subtle and quiet. This was my experience as I first began my relationship with my intuition. As I got to know my guidance better, it started to become very loud and clear.

Also, our bodies are designed to take in intuitive guidance. Having hightened senses is necessary to receiving guidance in the first place. It’s completely human to have “negative” and “uncomfortable” sensations—it’s a part of life.

If I have a bad feeling about someone or about one side of a choice, I definitely consider that feeling as guidance (especially when I have no rational reason for the feeling) and I trust that and follow that. I’ve definitely gotten myself into trouble when I’ve ignored it.

I’d love to hear about your experience with good and bad “vibes.”

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4 Responses to Can an Intuitive Hit feel bad?

  1. Joshua says:

    I was in a house near an indian Burial ground, I recieved an eletrical charge in my tail bone, and a tugging at my heart. I felt very surpised and at the time frightened. When I left I felt Bad, and Just plain icky Like I had an oil tar coat that I couldn’t get off, all night I felt this sense of urgency in the pit of my stomach that I couldn’t shake. I thought maybe I had done something wrong. Then when I went to sleep I had one of my intuitive dreams. I was in he middle of this field in winter surrounded by bison and a voice was looped over and over agian in my mind and wouldn’t stop, it said where have all the buffalo gone?

    The next day the owner of the house gave me a poster she had just bought entitled “where are all the buffalo? Gone.

    It was a proound speach by cheif seattle.

    Later I learned my aunt can see ghosts and right before she sees them she gets an electrical charge, I believe some of the bad vibe feeling was not just the hit and the energy but the feeling of the unknown. that causes one to feel something as bad, If I had known about my aunt I woulnd’t have been so stressed about it.

  2. Elaine says:

    Hi Joshua,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I think you are right, sometimes the bad-vibe-feeling is us feeling scared by our own intuitive hits. As we gain experience with our intuitive visions and vibes, they aren’t as frightening. It also sounds like you were picking up on the vibration of the land, which was grieving. What a powerful experience, the mother earth calling out to you.


  3. wakingup says:

    One night I suddenly awoke from a deep sleep. I kept asking myself what was wrong. All seemed well. I’d gone to bed pretty early so my parents were still awake but had turned in in their room so their door was closed. I was home on vacation from college. I had never experienced anything like this before. I couldn’t imagine what was going on. I knew I had to get dressed so I did and I noticed I was shaky. I then knew to grab my car keys and I was walking pretty quickly towards our front door when my mom asked through her door if I was alright which is something she had never done. I could come and go as I pleased and didn’t have to explain or check in. I told her that I was o.k. but that i had to go somewhere. She said “alright”.

    I( got in my car and i asked myself “o.k. now what?” I thought this is silly as it’s around 11:00 at night and there’s nowhere to go. I realized i needed to drive so I did having no idea where I was going. After about 20 min. it seemed I was driving towards my boyfriend’s house and I thought “oh brother! Is this some womanly hormone reaction to needing him right now?” Then I thought “No, maybe he’s really in trouble.” But that didn’t seem right either. Several times I thought about turning back and going back to sleep at home but something was compelling me to see him.

    I kept thinking “Can’t this wait? I have to work tomorrow.” But i felt the answer was that it couldn’t wait.

    I drove up to his place and knocked on his door. He called out “Come in” and I did. The look on his face was priceless! He looked caught! He definitely wasn’t expecting me. I’d never dropped in on him before nor he on me. He started fumbling around, looked like he wanted to run away, was stuttering! I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I noticed there was a girl in his room and I said “Is he o.k?” She also seemed perplexed by his behavior so we introduced ourselves to each other and then I realized she was an old girlfriend that he had told me he still liked. That would have been o.k. except for the way he was acting.

    I knew right then that it was over between us. I said “I’m gonna go.” and she said, “No I think I should leave.” He grabbed her arm and said, “No, don’t go.” to her and I knew what I needed to know and left.

    I thank my incredible intuition for helping me get out before I got more emotionally involved!


  4. Administrator says:

    Wow, what a great story!! Thank god you followed your intuition and removed yourself quickly from a bad situation. It sounds like your connection to your ex-boyfriend was very strong, and you picked up on his guilt. And of course your guides were taking are of you!! Great work, Waking Up!


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