Can Soul Retrieval Help My OCD?

Perhaps the most significant healing I have ever done involved a client with obsessive compulsive disorder.  When he told me that his mother was a neat freak, and that his grandfather had been a compulsive hoarder, I suspected he was processing a generational imprint rather than his own stuff.

When I went to the underworld, I found a young boy sniffing beautiful flowers and talking to the plant spirits that inhabited the flower.  A very big, ugly catholic priest came and whipped the boy, telling him that he was evil, and talking to evil things.

The contracts that resulted from this trauma were that the boy himself was fatally flawed.  He could not do anything about his intuitive abilities and his connection to the plant realm, and yet he deeply believed himself to be evil.  The compulsion to clean himself of his intrinsic flaw became an obsession that was passed down to his daughters and finally to my client.  By being extremely “good” perhaps he could make up for his basic uncleanliness.

All of these descendants of this grandfather were bound in shackles.  I explained to the boy that he wasn’t evil, that what had happened to him shouldn’t have happened, and that there wasn’t anything flawed about him.  He of course found this very hard to believe.  When I told him who I was, and on whose behalf I was there for, he became more interested in listening to me.  He didn’t want his grandson to suffer an even harder fate than himself.

We broke the contracts and allowed my client to feel safe and secure without needing to resort to compulsiveness.  At the end, a soul part wanted to return with me that was all about the intuitive side and the mysterious nature of life.  I could tell that my client’s intuitive abilities were going to blossom after this soul retrieval.

OCD can be such a horrible disease to live with.  But, two weeks after, my client didn’t feel compelled to do the things he normally did, even in public bathrooms.  Four weeks later he could decide that clean clothes didn’t have to go into the laundry just because they had accidentally fallen on other dirty clothes.  Although the habits still remained, the compulsion had eased.  With steady work he’d be able to change the habits he had and free his energy for his life’s work.

It’s important to remember that when we are under such a contract, especially a generational one, it can be very hard to stop without assistance.  We’re literally being run by energetic programming that we didn’t write in this lifetime.  Having assistance in rewriting contracts and removing these family curses is extremely helpful toward freeing ourselves.  Shamanic work is not the only way, but it is highly effective.

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4 Responses to Can Soul Retrieval Help My OCD?

  1. shadow says:

    OCD is not a ‘disease’ it is an imbalance created by trauma and stress in a sensitive individual. I have severe and disabling OCD and tics, which were brought on by quitting long term Prozac. Its been three years off the meds and living with this hell, and no sign of it easing off anytime soon.
    I wish I could find a genuine Shaman, who I could afford. I would try soul retreival, and other healing methods. I have no life, it is all pain. Prozac ruined my brain and my life. Being a ‘neat freak’ is not OCD it is a lack of love and a broken soul. Im not a neat freak I have a wide variety of types of OCD – things Ive never seen anyone else have. Thank you to Big Pharma and this corrupt system. Wish I could leave this stupid human plane and return to my home

    • Elaine says:

      Dear Shadow,

      I am so sorry you are suffering! Please contact my mentor, Greta Holmes, and see what she can do for you. She’s a shaman, plus she is also a classical homeopath. The combination of these may really help bring you back into balance so you don’t have to suffer. Her contact info is on the homepage of my website.

      sending hugs!

  2. Ida says:

    Hey! I suffer from.ocd too. And are in desperate need of soul.retrieval. can you help?

    • Elaine says:

      Hi Ida,

      Shoot me an email and we can talk more on whether soul retrieval and underworld work is right for you at this time. Just go to to the contact menu up at the top of the page. Looking forward to talking to you, Elaine

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