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My interview with Karyn Kulenovic is Live for the next 72 hours

Hello Everyone, My interview with Karyn Kulenovic is available starting today for the next 72 hours!  I hope you enjoy.  Just click here to sign up and listen.  In case you miss my interview this weekend, the series will replay … Continue reading

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Shamanic Workshop, August, with Marv and Shanon Harwood of Kimmapii

Hello Everyone, I’m very excited to announce that my mentor, Marv Harwood, and his wife Shanon, have agreed to come to Portland to teach a shamanic workshop.  This is the first of nine Portals workshops, and is a great introduction … Continue reading

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Elaine’s Interview Airs Saturday June 9th!

Hi Everyone, It’s hard for me to believe, but it’s already time for the second season of The Integrated Empath Summit hosted by Karyn Kulenovic!  Karyn interviewed me about Shamanic Energy Work and how it can change the lives of … Continue reading

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The Friends and Family Trap

Recently I had several people tell me that they couldn’t possibly set limits on a relationship because the person causing trouble was a long time friend or was a family member.   Even though my clients and friends were mistreated and … Continue reading

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The Empath and Emotional Responsibility; Taking Right Action

Hello Everyone, As I’ve spoken about in my book on the Archetypal Drama Triangle, Empaths can get into trouble when we blame our emotional state on someone else.  We can use our unhappy emotional state as the justification for bullying … Continue reading

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Now Available: Fourth and Fifth Volumes of Empath as Archetype

Hello Everyone, I’m very pleased to announce that my fourth and fifth volumes in my series, Empath as Archetype are now available on Amazon both in Kindle editions and softcovers.  The fourth book, The Empath and Shadow Work, describes the … Continue reading

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The Empath and Self Sabotage

The past couple of weeks I have been working on an ebook just for the Empath and what it is like for the Empath to go on a conscious healing journey.  Most of you are subscribed to my blog because … Continue reading

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Creativity and Growing Up

Most of us have heard that to be creative we must be in touch with our inner child, and that our inner child is the creative aspect of ourselves.  This is true.  But sometimes a big block to being creative … Continue reading

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Leading with the Heart

When we are trying to create from the Soul, from the Heart, sometimes we can get tripped up by practicalities.  These practicalities are real; we need enough money, we need support, we need a life that’s not full of stress.  … Continue reading

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Creativity and Expansion

I was talking to my mentor, Greta Holmes, yesterday about the discomfort I’ve been feeling around changing my practice.  As I’ve looked back on my life, I see that I go through these cycles of expansion as I move into … Continue reading

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