Cats and Power Animals

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a question. It deals with the domestic animals that we like and are attracted to. I am certain I’m a cat person. I really like cats. I have an issue with dogs. I used to have a phobia of dogs. I was even bitten by a dog when I was in 3rd or 4th grade.

I find myself attracted to cat people. I’ll either find them physically attractive or I’ll be drawn to them for some unknown reason.

Question #1: What does it all mean?

This is coming up because I read one of Elaine’s posts and found out she loves cats. The reason I’m on her site is because I felt drawn to her. My roommate is a cat person, I’m a leo and a tiger, a girl I am seeing has two cats and she’s a tiger, (I’ve got some more), a good friend of mine likes cats, when I was walking to school (high school) a long time ago I happened upon some kittens that I couldn’t resist which I picked up and hated to put down, they were crying cold and wet. I almost cried when I let them go. That was a major run-on sentence.

Anyway… I almost forgot. I think my power animal is a panther. Actually a black panther. Sidebar: I’m not sure yet if the panther is my guide or my power animal.

Regardless of that, I am attracted to cats/cat-people and I draw them as well. I don’t own one only because I can’t own one now. Don’t get me wrong dogs are cool. But nothing beats a cat.

Question #2: Does this mean I should really look into this cat attraction/phenomenon?

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  1. Administrator says:

    Hi Steve,

    Sounds like you have a great connection to the Cat Soul. Animals are considered to have collective souls, but individuate for us to be our pets and companions. Our domestic cats are here on their own little journies, too. My own cat, Tiger, has helped me go through a major shamanic dismemberment—-even almost died because he tried to take it on himself.

    From my experience, we are attracted to animals with energy who matches ours. My friend who owns ferrets—-I can’t imagine her owning anything else. I’d suggest asking yourself what characteristics of the Cat do you possess? Are you trying to develop those in yourself?

    As for your Panther and other power animals, those do operate as guides and also as missing energy for the person. When I retrieve a power animal for a client, they need that energy in their system to help them become whole—it is missing. I retrieved a polar bear for a client who was creating problems for himself because he was too accomodating to others. Afterwards, he was able to put himself first and say no to others in a firm way that was abundantly clear.

    Panther is a wonderful guide to have walking with you. The big cats offer protection, and they “eat” any negative energy that comes toward you. I have two jaguars that work with me during my sessions with clients. Also, Jaguar/Puma is the archetypal energy that governs the West Direction. If you’d like to learn more about this, there’s a great description in Shaman Healer Sage, by my teacher, Alberto Villoldo.

    The last thing I’d like to mention is that you might want to get an Illumination done on the traumatic incident with the dog that happened when you were a child. That can be cleared up very easily, and you’re relationship with Dog will change for the better.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Debbie says:

    Growing up, I had cats & dogs. After I had my own children, I started saying that I had become a “cat person”, because after caring for 3 children, cats were so much easier to care for. Dogs were too needy – requiring much more care & attention, kinda like another kid. (I had 3 cats while I was raising my children & still have 2 at this time.) I just couldn’t see myself with a dog again. Then my youngest child HAD to have a puppy when she graduated from High School last year & somehow it became mine.
    I’ve got to say that it took alot out of me to get him through the “puppy” stage. (Taz is only a year old now.) Then I started to realize why I had become more comfortable with cats & why “raising” this dog was so hard for me – Cats don’t really tolerate you imposing your will on them & they’re pretty independent, which was cool with me because I’m uncomfortable being demanding. Dogs, on the other hand, need a strong leader because they are pack animals. You have to let them know who’s boss so they can relax – because they know what is expected of them. Dogs can worry & behave badly, I have found out, if they think that they have to be the leader & take care of YOU & that really threw me out of my comfort zone. After giving it some thought, I realized that somewhere between the time I was a teenager & now, that I had lost that stronger, more assertive part of myself & actually having this new friend (TAZ) has been exactly what I needed to bring out that part of myself – the leader in me. It’s funny how that worked out.

  3. Steve Dukes says:


    That is really interesting. I thought about what you typed and what Elaine asked me about what cat characteristics I possess.

    I did have a relationship with a dog that I really wanted to adopt when I worked at a kennel when I was in college. It was a black chow pup, considered an intimidating breed, if not a mean dog. I actually overcame being afraid of it while taking care of it at the kennel. I bonded with that pup. It was maybe a 1yr old. When I left the kennel, I missed it. It was adopted shortly after that.

    As it relates to cat characteristics, I’m actually “considered” a secretive person. People tend to think “What is he really thinking?”
    I like big cats, because I think they are powerful. I really identify with that.

    I’m starting to see the cat in me and I appreciate it.
    Maybe I was a big cat in a past life.

  4. Administrator says:

    Thank You for sharing this, Debbie. You make the excellent point of how our pets are here to help us heal and grow. It sounds like Taz is exactly what you needed to come back into contatct with that Leader aspect of yourself. Hurray for Taz!


  5. Vidya says:

    I can completely relate to Debbie’s comments. I have been without any animals for the last 10 years since my marriage. I lived with cats for 20 years before that and I think they tremendously helped me with my unhappy adolescence and depression. Makes me think I may need to get a dog to bring out my leadership skills. But then I dont know whether I am really depressed or just plain lazy! I dont feel motivated for anything.

  6. Administrator says:

    Hi Vidya,

    It’s very important not to call yourself negative sounding names like lazy. If you are feeling unmotivated, there is usually a spiritual reason for being so. When I have low energy, or when I am trying to force myself to do things that I can’t get myself to do, I remind myself that I am in a powerstruggle either with my soul, or with another person, or with a belief system. I stop, I look carefully at what my heart and soul really wants, and then I do that instead.

    If you’ve been away from your heart/soul for a while, it can take some time to become reconnected. But the moment we do, our energy does come back. It’s also key to look at the belief systems that are running your life (what you should do, are expected to do, etc.) and to examine those carefully and see if they match up to what your heart wants.

    If I am in a powerstruggle with another person, I’ll look carefully at why I’ve attracted such a person into my life. Then I’ll work on standing up for myself and reinforcing my boundaries. Ultimately we are responsible for ourselves and no one can force us to do anything. Actually, I’ve had many clients who force themselves to do thing their souls do not want to do, and they do become depressed. Changing this can me turning your life upsidedown, but it is always worth it! Take it one little step at a time.


  7. Takayu says:

    Hi Steve,

    I just had to comment because I too love cats and am a Leo/Tiger. I new I was a leo for a while but it was not till later I discovered chinese astrology that I found I was also a Tiger.

    I possess this weird cat like personality that causes me to feel outkast and different. I am wierdly shy and with drawn (like the cat woman with hailey berry) but at the same time I am intimidating and assertive. I possess this duality that I struggle to find a balance to:among being Empathic. I saw my signs when I dreamed of the ancient diety Bastet. I started doing research and embraced this as my path and Diety of Guidence. I also found a cat pendant around that time which further confirmed my visions. I just love the feline energy so graceful and independant one moment and so vulnerable and sensitive the next.

    I do Goddess Worship to my Ancient Diety Bastet and she protects and guides me. I sometimes visualize myself under her care (like I am a kitten) as she protects me. I fulfills my need for nurturing.

    I really don’t care too much for dogs because I do have a problem with too needy people being Empathic this is draining. But I am trying not to be prejudice against Dogs.

    -Takayu Bast ( Earth Spirit of Bast)

  8. Elijah says:

    Wow, I just discovered this site today after I posted this youtube vid and comment on my facebook page. I’ll share.

    The Cat Connection.

    On another note, I have to mention my love for and my connection with cats. I tell people often of my experiences with these creatures. The most memorable experience was when I was sitting on a friends sofa when their cat jumped sat next to me and asked for food. I just knew that’s what the cat was asking. So I told the cat “Meet me by the Kitchen and I will feed you”. Then the cat jumped up and actually waited for me at the door of the kitchen!! This also, happen with a stray cat which walked up to me in front of the Mosque in Harlem and asked me for food, I told him to wait right there -he or she did- while I went across the street and brought the food back. Another time during the month of Ramadan, after prayer I went across the street to get my coffee. Again a cat asked me for food a few doors away from the grocery store. I told him “Meet me by the Store” and he left from in front of me and waited right by the door. Allah is my witness.

    Well, on this trip to “Claws and Paws” as you can see on the video, this tiger runs to me at the window. This same tiger sat there while many passerby’s walked by and didn’t move. I did the bold thing (which could’ve gotten me kicked out-lol) and threw a little stick in the cage. The tiger looked for a few seconds and then fetched my stick!! He tried to give it to me through the window!!

    Then he walked away and I gestured for him to come back and he did (see footage google Elijah Shabazz Me and Tiger). When other visitors arrived he tiger retreated back to it’s clubhouse like sleeping home.

    Though I’ve connected with most animals at the petting zoo this one took the cake!! (or shall I say stick- lol)

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