Creativity and Expansion

I was talking to my mentor, Greta Holmes, yesterday about the discomfort I’ve been feeling around changing my practice.  As I’ve looked back on my life, I see that I go through these cycles of expansion as I move into my creativity.  I had been feeling in somewhat of a double bind, because the emotional signals to expand are so uncomfortable: first boredom as what I am currently doing no longer feels like enough, then anxiety at the thought of what it would take to dive into something new or dive into that creative side once again.  Sure enough, one of my coping mechanisms for dealing with these uncomfortable emotions is to eat lots of chocolate.

The trick for me is to realize that this is part of being a creative being.  Expansion will come, and I have to use those emotional signals (and as Empaths we are SO in touch with our emotions) to let me know that what is before me is a decision–sit still or move forward.  The most painful part of this cycle is to not decide.  Once I decide, then the emotions subside, and all that energy that was going into them can go into my creativity.

I find this very exciting as I move away from one-on-one work into more writing, but scary as well.  Here’s to hoping that you will break yourself free from the status quo when boredom and then anxiety hits you.  Remember, it’s all good, it’s a sign that you are evolving!

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