Elaine’s News: Interview airs on the 3rd, new email list

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to let my readers know that I’ve just moved over from Feedburner to a new email software called MailPoet.  Please bear with me as I work out the kinks.

It’s been a big year.  Some of you may know that I took a break from shamanic work to concentrate on writing another book.  However, my life took an unexpected turn with a move, and with withdrawing my child from school to do independent study this past year.  It’s been a challenging yet fun year seeing my son thrive in an out-of-the-box environment, but it’s left me very little time to write or to take clients.  I hope to be back in the writing routine soon.

In the midst of adjusting to this new lifestyle, I had an opportunity to talk to another Empath about my work that I had put on hold.  Karyn Kulenovic asked if I was willing to be interviewed as an expert for her Integrated Empath Summit.  She had read my books and wanted me to speak about the Empath and relationships, especially around the Drama Triangle, the Rescuer Role and how Empaths can attract narcissists.   The experience reminded me of why I went into coaching and then later became a shaman.  Helping others learn how to empower themselves is so satisfying.  In speaking with Karyn, I realized that I had forgotten how much I knew about the subject, and how satisfying it is to do this work.  I had so much fun in this interview!

Karyn has interviewed 22 Empath experts.  You can listen to all 22 interviews for free.  Two interviews per day will air beginning June 1st.  Mine airs on June 3rd.  You also have the option to purchase all the interviews at the end of the summit.  If you are interested, you can register here.

In talking to Karyn I realized that I had great case studies  for a book on the Empath and romantic relationships.  I’m really looking forward to sharing these with you.  Thank you for your support!



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