Psychic Flus and Sandpaintings

Hi Everyone,

I had the opportunity this week to help a friend with the psychic flu.  She came down with cold symptoms at the same time my son did, however, her symptoms continued to spiral into a very bad flu.  She ended up missing several days of work and was fearful that she wouldn’t be able to pay her rent that month because of it.

I suspected that she was suffering from a psychic flu, not just a physical flu.  She had been under tremendous stress with a family member being diagnosed with terminal cancer, which triggered other crazy-making family dynamics.  I suspected that her body was using a relatively innocuous virus as a way of processing some of the stuck emotional energy out of her system.  I suggested we test my theory by having her create a sandpainting out on her balcony and “blowing” all of the yucky stuff into the painting.

Immediately, within a few seconds, her headache went away.  A few hours later her congestion was gone.  The next day her chest cold cleared up.  This was after four days of her symptoms becoming steadily worse.  By the time I saw her on the 6th day she looked and felt completely restored.

So, as we move into another school year and more exposure to cold bugs, don’t forget to use your mythic and energetic plane tools such as sandpaintings, fire ceremony, and salt baths.  Keep up a daily practice to keep your field clear, and use that sandpainting if a big issue comes up so you can process it at the Mythic plane with help from the Mother Earth instead of having to suffer through it physically with a bad flu.

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