Who controls your consciousness?

Hi Everyone,

Wow!  If you are an Empath, it’s hard not to absorb the doom and gloom mentality of the group right now (or consensual reality, as shaman’s like to call it)  It is precisely at times like these that we must remember that we are the authors of our own stories.  We are in charge of creating our lives.  That is, unless we give our power over to others, without even realizing that that is what we are doing.

If you are scared and fearful right now, make sure that you aren’t tapped in to the group consciousness.  Take back your power.  You may have to turn off the news or stop reading the paper for the next few months.  Instead, look at what you are creating in your life right now, look at what you have control over right now.  This is your focus–the rest of it really doesn’t matter.

But, is there anything that needs to change in your life?  Now is the best time to make those changes.  Is there anything out of alignment with your personal essence, your soul?  Now is the time to start the transition.  It’s hard, because change always brings up fear, but moving forward now is so important.

Many of my clients and friends are going through big shifts right now that they had put off for a few years.  None of us can get way with putting off our work, including the country as a whole, apparently!  But our focus needs to be more local.

If you are in a tough spot, with a job loss, or a relationship on the brink, it is the perfect time to remember your creative manifestation skills.  It is the perfect time to take this time as an opportunity to connect back to the heart, the soul, and make those changes now.

I have been filled with fear over the past few months–I’ve been absorbing the group think and also my beliefs about the pachakuti (2012) have been triggered.  It’s been the perfect time for me to look at my own power, and what I want to create.  Looking at my life now, I’ve seen that I’ve done the work in my relationships and in my practice.  Everything is in pretty good alignment.  There’s no reason that I won’t be well supported like I always have because I’ve gotten those kinks out of the way.  Of course, there’s no guarantee of this, but life is a risky business–but this was true before the financial crisis!  Taking stock at where I am, what I want to create in my life, I see all is well, and much of the fear subsides.  That is, until I look at the paper again!

So make this a practice–Look to your own power when frightened, make sure you’re in charge of your consciousness, regroup, reconnect to your soul, and go back to living your life supported by the Great Spirit.

much love!


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