Why am I suddenly fighting with my new husband?

Another fantastic generational imprint story came about for one of my newly married clients.  She had noticed that she had begun to fight with her new husband in the same way the rest of her family did.  The thought was horrifying to her—she had promised herself that she would never behave in that way, and she was afraid of how it would hurt her marriage, and hurt any children she had, having lived through it herself.

As she told me her story, I had the feeling that we were dealing with a family curse.  In journeying to the underworld, what I saw was a couple fighting with each other, but being very much in love.  Somehow one of them was accidentally killed.  The unintended contract that was passed down generation after generation was that the way to show love was to fight with each other.

Fighting became the way of expressing and receiving love.  So, in her marriage, she certainly “loved” her husband by this definition.  In renegotiating her contract, I spoke to the original couple, explained to them how this was destroying the happiness of one of their descendants, and assured them that she would receive all the love  she needed from her husband without having to fight.  The man was horrified by what had happened and very easily gave up the contract.  It was easy to break the chains between all the family members, and to clean up the rest of the debris in the room.

Before I returned from the journey, this ancestor came to me and asked me to give my client a gift.  To me it looked like a giant jeweled and decorated easter egg, very beautiful.  He told me that this is what he wanted to pass on to her and wished her a very happy and prosperous marriage.  When I described this gift to my client, she told me that it wasn’t an Easter Egg, but a decorated coconut that was traditionally given in temples to newly married women in her culture.

About a month after we had performed the underworld extraction, she wrote me to tell me that she hadn’t been fighting with her husband.  And first she thought it was because she had been so busy that she didn’t have time to fight with him, but now that her schedule had calmed down, she still didn’t have the urge to pick a fight.  Even her husband noticed.

This was extremely rewarding for me to hear!

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