Working Those Imprints! Manifesting What We Want rather than Our Fate

I had several questions from clients this week on why working an imprint is so hard.  An imprint is a belief system that has become so ingrained that it manifests outcomes for us unconsciously rather than consciously.  People come to me to unravel imprints because the outcomes are painful and unwanted.  However, it is possible to unconsciously manifest great outcomes.  The key to remember is that all imprints come with a belief system attached.  If we have faulty beliefs, we will wind up with unhappy outcomes.

When we have an unhappy pattern in our lives, an imprint with its faulty beliefs is at work.  This imprint can come from cultural beliefs, archetypal beliefs, family beliefs and personal beliefs.  Personal beliefs are the easiest to change, and many times we can change our personal beliefs without outside help.  Clients come to me for underworld work usually because of hidden cultural, archetypal, and family beliefs.  These hidden group beliefs tend to run our creations without our ever knowing we have these beliefs.  The shaman can go into the subconscious mind (the underworld) on behalf of the client and begin dismantling the imprint and its corresponding belief system.

However, even with shamanic intervention, it is up to the client to make sure that his words and actions reinforce his new belief system.  If that does not take place, we will still manifest unhappy outcomes because of old habit.  It is this conscious work that so many people slip up on.  Too many clients expect the shamanic work to magically take away unwanted outcomes.  However, the client creates her life, so it is always the client who has to make sure that the change on the energetic and mythic planes comes down to the mental, emotional, and physical planes as well.

Our relationships with our family will change, as well as how we belong within our culture.   Most of the time other people in the group are enslaved by the same imprint and so do not appreciate our new behavior.  They want us back in our role and they will feel betrayed and confused that we are no longer playing.  As you can see, this is deep, hard work.  Change on this level is difficult and challenging.  Too many of my clients expect easy, graceful, magical change without these repercussions.  While that can happen in some instances, working at this level take tremendous courage and practice.  I say this not to be discouraging but to encourage my clients who are in the thick of dismantling sticky family and cultural imprints not to give up, to keep plugging through.  It is worth the effort to create a great foundation of supportive imprints and beliefs.  Then life does become easier and more magical.

We begin throwing off our predetermined fate and more options and outcomes become probable for us.  This is the heart of personal work.  I hope this helps to answer why this work can feel so hard and confusing. 

much love,


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2 Responses to Working Those Imprints! Manifesting What We Want rather than Our Fate

  1. Kate says:

    Dear Elaine
    I have only recently discovered what an empath is and that I am one fully. I have never been able to understand as to why I am so different to most people with sensing stuff which always gets me into trouble because i battle to communicate what I am feeling. Would love to be able to study something in this direction as I never could study also just never knew what I could do.. Where would I start and how?
    Best and kind Regards

    • Elaine says:

      Hi Kate,

      Welcome to the world of the Empath! You are not alone. There are a lot of great books out there for Empaths and the Highly Sensitive. Elaine Aron and Judith Orloff have written some good ones. Sonia Choquette has written for the Intuitive, and many Empaths are intuitive. I’ve written five non-fiction books for Empaths on Relationships and personal work from a Shamanic perspective. Riso and Hudson have a lot of books on the Enneagram–you’ll want to take a look at the Type Four. I would start there, and definitely feel free to explore my website. If you would like one on one work, I do offer email support on a weekly basis. Let me know if I can help. I also answer questions for free on the blog. Good luck to you!!

      much love,

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