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A client asked:


I have never posted a message on a discussion board before…but being that I just went through an energetic healing session with Elaine (who really rocks!) I am making good on the “welcome home party for my long lost soul part” phase.


My question is about Energetic Contracts – as in what are they? How are they formed? Does a person/soul impose it on themselves, or is some other person/soul involved??? How is it that they bind other family members (soul family members?) and/or the same soul over different lifetimes? Why are they so difficult to break??? Are there ones that are good too, not just ones that really suck a lot of energetic butt?

Looks like my question kinda multiplied like bunnies there…Must be SPRINGTIME!

;O) Wendy

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  1. Administrator says:

    Hi Wendy,

    A contract made on the energetic plane is a deeply held belief or agreement that organizes our lives. We can impose them on ourselves individually, or we can enter into agreements with others, or sometimes an outsider can impose them on us using energywork in an unethical way.

    Sometimes these contracts are so deep, or were formed from such traumatic experiences that they remain part of our energy bodies and so get passed down through our lifetimes or get passed on to our children. They are incredibly difficult to break because in this lifetime we haven’t made the contract, and may not even be conscious we have a contract that needs breaking.

    What the shamanic practitioner does is step in for the client and break and rewrite contracts backwards in time—that is the shaman journeys to where the contracts are stored in the client’s psyche/subconscious/underworld and either breaks or rewrites contracts after doing healing on the people originally involved.

    There are certainly good contracts, too, but they don’t usually cause us problems. Many of us have made contracts with the important people in our lives to work out karmic debts, to help facilitate one another to heal, and sometimes just to travel through life together and enjoy the experience. In my own case, when I met my husband, I Knew that we had many lifetimes together and something special to fulfill in this one.

    Great work on integrating your own returned soul part, and on asking great questions about your recent experience!!

    lots of love,

  2. Jenna says:

    Hi Wendy,

    I think that before we incarnate into our current lifetime, we make agreements with other souls to arrange for lessons and outcomes to occur that are for our soul’s growth. These I think are the “good” contracts.

    I guess my take on other contracts is sometimes things happen along the way that are painful or traumatic, that cause us to create deeply unconscious beliefs structures that become contracts. In other words, we hold a limiting belief so deeply that it becomes an agreement or contract to manifest it in our life. And perhaps we hold over such contracts from prior lifetimes until such time as we can become conscious enough to resolve them, or get help to do so. And so would any other souls that were involved.

    But maybe, just maybe, these are the same kind of soul growth lessons too, though with our limited frame of reference we can’t quite see it that way. Just a thought!



  3. Elaine says:

    Hi Wendy,

    Ken just reminded me that Caroline Myss does a great job describing contracts in her book, Sacred Contracts. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s very interesting. In her point of view, we each come through with soul agreements/contracts to fulfill in this lifetime (which are good contracts) and we’re organized psychologically to do so through our inner archetypes or subpersonalities. We all share 4 archetypes, plus 8 more. It’s a very interesting read—working with her archetype cards was very helpful to me about 6 months ago just to get more insight into how I operate unconsciously….

    It’s definitely a different take than the shamanic perspective, but I think you’ll enjoy it.

    have a great weekend!

  4. Wendy says:

    Thank you Elaine, Ken and Jenna!

    I do strongly believe that all challenging experiences hold the potential for growth. It also rings true to me that as souls there are lessons to be learned and that the opportunity to learn these lessons keep coming until the lightbulb turns on.

    As for contracts from past lives, or those passed down through family members…while this is a new concept for me (in this life :)…this also makes sense to me as I have been able to spot variations on the same theme thoughout my immediate family…

    It is great to know that any thing I can heal in myself will ripple out to all of us. I am really looking forward to that!

    Thank you all again! All kinds of stuff is shifting for me right now, and I really appreciate all of your input and support.

    Big Hugs and Miles of Smiles,


  5. Tiima says:

    This is a relief..i have beeing seeing 11:11,1:11,2:11,3:11..well,11 constantly, i have seen 12:12, 12 and 10:10,10 many times as well but 11 and 10 numerous times. I stared researching and havent really gotten anything straight forward. If anyone knows anything about it..Please replay back.. i have been seeing these numbers for almost 11 months now. I have been going through many problems in my life , tried killing myself few times and been lately acting not myself. I have changed complelty, i get mad really easily and dont pay attention to myslef. i’m not close to my family and they seem like strangers to me. Due to my behaviour me and my husand are no longer togther ether.
    seeing the numbers sometimes cools me down and make me feel as if everything going to be ok. i’m looking outward, donating blood soon..I dont even know why? out of no where..and i put in my tip money from my wrk everyday to donation box.
    I dont know if the numbers are a good sign or a bad sign
    Please HELP!!

  6. Administrator says:

    HI Tiima,

    I think you meant to comment to the post on 10:10, but let’s assume it’s signifcant that you instead commented on the post about energetic contracts. From what I can tell, seeing 11:11 a lot is a reminder of the new world that is coming into being. For that to happen lots of old contracts and ways of living have to die. It sounds like you’ve gone through major changes in the past 11 months, and almost a physical death. The question to ask yourself is not whether you should live or not. Yes you should! The question is what old contract and belief system in your life needs to die, or be completely shed. Is it a family belief? Take a look at what used to fit in your life that no longer serves you. What do you want your reality to be? Who is trying to force their version of it on you? Then you can have your new beginning.

    much love,

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