I embraced my path, and now my life is falling apart!

Did you begin your spiritual path hoping to be more happy, centered, and successful, with more rewarding relationships, work, and abundance? Have you experienced your life falling apart instead?

For me, and for many of my clients this is a common experience. Our dissatisfaction with life begins our spiritual search, and we become happier with the search, and then WHAM right when we get going life falls apart. What’s going on here?

My own thoughts are that when we truly commit to ourselves and expressing that self in the world, we come to a point where we must let everything that doesn’t align with that true self go. Actually, all that doesn’t fit is going anyway—it’s our attachment to the old stuff (even if it was unhelpful old stuff) that hurts.

I’ve gone through several of these clearing experiences over the years, and each time I’ve wound up more happy, centered, successful, with more rewarding relationships, work, and abundance. Now, I’ve learned to welcome the painful chaotic parts of this process, knowing that something better is right on the other side.

Sometimes a kundalini experience accompanies the releasing process.

What are your thoughts? Have you experienced this burning and rebirth process?


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