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A request from a classmate:

Elaine and friends,

My name is Ann and we met at Sonia Choquette’s Six Sensory Practitioner workshop in Chicago. I enjoyed connecting with you, Elaine, and Jenna, and am grateful for your efforts in organizing the phone call and encouraging the use of your discussion board. Thanks!

I’m sure that one reason we connected is because you have made the transition that I am smack in the middle of…from one career to another and living more authentically as a six sensory person.

I can feel my core energies getting stronger and stronger and the general vision for what comes next becoming clearer. I hope to learn more from you about how you managed your transitions as I make my way through mine.

For now, I work at a university, coordinating computer training. The more my intuition grows, the harder it gets. The culture of not being real is stifling.

The vision is to be self-employed as a feng shui consultant, combining floral design in my practice. Sonia Choquette recommended this in my reading, and I have been trying this on, with fun synchronicities along the way.

I am listening for guidance about next steps…whether to leave my current locale – strong vibes for that — and how, when….or whether to try to get more going here. Something in me wants to pick up and move to California and simply start a new life as my authentic self, with fresh new energy. And not a lot of money in the bank to do it with! 🙂

Any vibes or support or tales from your paths as I gather my courage and move forward would be appreciated.

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  1. Elaine says:

    Hi Ann,

    It was a pleasure to meet you at Sonia’s six sensory class.

    As for leaving one career and starting a new one, it is definitely a big, and sometimes scary transition. For me, at some level, it felt like I didn’t have much of a choice—that I was being led into it inexorably. Given how I love to see outcomes before doing anything, it was incredibly uncomfortable for me.

    I think the best suggestion I can offer you is to not be too attached to how you arrive at your vision of being a Feng Shui practitioner in California. Trust that you will get there in the right way, with little baby steps, even if sometimes it looks like you are going backwards. As long as you’re being true to your inner guidance, you ARE being taken care of.

    For me, I was pretty unhappy at the prospect of either doing or teaching physics, but I couldn’t put my finger on what I wanted to do. I thought I was suffering from a midlife crisis in my 20’s (Or as other’s called it, immaturity). I eventually got sick, and had to stop working. That’s when I got “struck psychic” after going to acupuncuture for panic attacks, and I made the committment to myself to live the life my soul wanted. I had a vision of writing books (ficiton and non fiction) about the spiritual seekers quest.

    That committment to my soul totally turned my life upsidedown. Within 6 months I had separated from my first husband, dumped all my friends, started a relationship with my current husband and *returned to work as a scientist!* When I got guidance to go back to science, I was really confused. I had thought I was supposed to give this up. But, I did it anyway, and at the time, it really was the best step in selfcare I could have done for myself.

    When I finally left science a couple of years later to really step into the intuitive arts, I went into coaching because I wasn’t comfortable at the thought of giving readings, which Sonia said was my purpose. Right after I finished my training, my colleagues began asking for intuitive readings and workshops! And I was resisting like mad. Finally I gave in. Now most of my coaching clients want a combination of readings, coaching, energywork, and mentoring. (When it came time to go into energywork, I also resisted it like mad!)(I have to be the best example of being faithful despite my unfaithfulness and tantrums)

    So, I had quite an adventure getting to where I am at this point, and I also watched myself burn through a lot of resistance about living this sort of life, even though I wanted to. I think that’s normal. Also, my life didn’t unfold in the way I expected it to, and I had some trouble going with that flow (and I still do) Interestingly, the money and the support for each step showed up over and over again.

    Anyway, I hope my story helps! For me, my movements forward were always a balance of listening for guidance, and acting on it in the best way I could at the time. And if I couldn’t act, to explore my blocks/fears in that moment, and work compassionately with that. It was an exercise in staying conscious. When I wasn’t sure if I was taking the right action, because of an apparent lack of financial support, I would ask Spirit to provide it or not, and let that be my sign. It’s a paradoxical thing, this being totally open and willing to act. I so respect you and your courage for following this path!!!!

    lots of love,

  2. Ann says:

    Hi Elaine!

    Thanks for sharing more of your story. This is so much fun! I had a sense in Chicago that we were supposed to connect eventually and now that I hear more of your story, it all makes sense.

    I have more and more confidence that I am truly being guided. The right support does show up at the right time. I like how you simply say that you dumped your friends at one point. For the past year, I feel like that’s a huge part of what I’ve been doing and it’s been very painful at times, but now I get it. Completely. Just part of the process, and as I simply accept that, it gets easier and I can ditch the drama I used to engage in. When things seem “bad,” I feel the pain and loss, but I know now more easily and quickly that it just means that something better is coming.

    What you said about returning to science and it being the best self care also resonates. When I had my reading with Sonia back in Feb., she suggested I quit my job. Really freaked me out! I did end up, though, taking a 2-month leave of absence. During that time, I healed and raised my vibration and set lots of intentions and internal boundaries. I think that that was the “quitting” I needed to do. When I went back, things were different. Something in me knew that it would be awful for me to put myself in such financial jeopardy and that I wasn’t ready yet. I needed, still do, the grounding of my home, insurance, chiropractor, etc., while my vibe goes through wave after wave of shifting. Interestingly, as I’ve evolved, my job has shifted along with me. People I’ve clashed with have left and new ones have come along. The big boss has interestingly wanted to change the vibe of the place, so I’ve taken Sonia’s call to ‘be the one’ who injects spirit by making suggestions. Just today, our division had the Halloween party that I suggested. Big success, lots of spirit, with a few folks showing their true spirits. And I even got quite a hoot out of helping the big boss out by bringing in some make up for him to make a last minute costume. Human connection, fun, spirit…quite a difference!

    I’ve been focussing on building my core energies, taking small, regular steps toward authenticity…(as in walking across the staid Ivy League campus where I work in my Hershey Kiss costume today. Now that was a blast!)..and taking small steps toward my vision.

    One of my sources of guidance is the uncannily accurate, wise and humorous British astrologer, Jonathan Cainer. I’ve been listening to his weekly and monthly audio forecasts for a few months now and have had great fun and success with them. He basically describes the energy of the time and offers suggestions as to how best to work with it. I figure it doesn’t hurt to go along with what he says, and so far, it’s helped a ton. So all that is helping me to get stronger. This week Jonathan assures me that I’m on the way and I’ll get there and that it’s just a matter of timing, which has been my sense. So I’m happy about that.

    I’m also focussing intently on working with Sonia’s Heart’s Desire material, doing the ‘believing eyes’ exercise with a six sensory friend. We are doing what Sonia and Julia Cameron did with each other…call 3 times/week, dump psychic debris for 5 minutes each and then talk about the HD principle we’re working on. It’s very cool work!

    Looking forward to what unfolds through this connection. I can sense that many wonderful surprises are in store!


  3. Elaine says:

    Hi Ann,

    I’m so glad you are finding so many ways to support yourself, with your believing mirror exercise with another six sensory supporter, and with your having fun with astrology.

    A couple of things you said I could very much identify with—I remember when I was thinking about giving readings and being a “psychic” 4 years ago, I really felt like I was jumping off a cliff. It did take baby steps to get to giving readings for pay, 3 years of baby steps! So many times I can get myself tied in a knot thinking that if I were really serious that I’d just jump without considering how my support system and my poor physical and emotional body can handle it.

    I’ve found that I really need a nice and solid base before I can do something that feels crazy and risky to me. And for me, a base means a nice home, good friends, wonderful activities to support me—Then I do very well in my daily life, and things don’t feel all that risky.

    There have been a few times where I had to jump off the cliff with no apparent support or net (lost my home, friends, husband, no job) but the net was invisible and I couldn’t move forward without jumping. Somehow I think those cases are more like initiations but the rest of our everyday life doesn’t have to be like that, or we’d be fried to crisps! I really knew when I had to take those leaps, though. There was literally no other way.

    Losing and letting go of friends is another hard one, especially the relationships that are years old. But, I’ve found that if someone can’t support me the way I need, and I can’t support them the way they need, it’s much more respectful and honoring of them for me to let them go. And always always new friends have always shown up for both of us. Ultimately, we’re both happier.


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