Meeting Your Spirit Guides

A client asked this question:

Hello everyone,
I am wondering how you met your Spirit Guides or better, how they introduced themselves to you!

I have asked twice during meditation for them to reveal themselves to me and both times a name popped into my head (Oliver, Alexanna). I am wondering how it was made clear to you that they are your guides and that it just wasn’t your imagination!

I am so excited to meet my Guides and yet I wonder if it’s in my head or if they have revealed themselves to me!!!?!


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4 Responses to Meeting Your Spirit Guides

  1. Elaine says:

    Hi Christine,

    Congratulations on starting to build your relationship with your guides!! In some traditions a guide is considered a guide if he/she/it shows up at least four times.

    For me, I met my stellar blue jay four times in a journey. Before that I met other guides by doing inspirational writing. They gave me all sorts of great stuff, by I convinced myself that I was making it up.

    So, I told them that I needed some extra proof to take them seriously. One holiday evening, it was 11 degrees out in Portland (very unusual) and I went for a evening walk with a friend. I came across a shivering cat who seemed lost and unhappy. I absolutely love cats, so of course I stopped to pet her.

    Then, I wasn’t sure if I should leave her because it was so cold and she seemed lost. Plus, it was the holidays—maybe her owners were out of town. So, I took her home with me. I already had two cats, and my husband at the time didn’t like them. He wasn’t pleased with me at all.

    The next day I asked for guidance on what to do with the lost cat. Then I began journaling about other general questions (like, what the heck do I do with my life? (this was when I was still in physics)) All of the sudden, my pen jumped in my hand and I began writing, “Take the cat to such and such intersection (which wasn’t the place where I had found the cat) Go Now. Get up, do it NOW.” Which was kinda weird because I never had gotten guidance that was that emphatic or demanding.

    So, I thought, what the heck, why not. I put on my coat, shoved the cat inside, and walked toward that intersection. Before I got there, a car pulled around the corner, drove straight at me, and the driver rolled down her window crying, “You found my cat, You found my cat!!” The cat jumped out of my jacket and through the window.

    I stood there with my mouth hanging open as she thanked me profusely. The cat had wandered off the night before, and had gotten lost. After the woman drove off, I still stood there with my mouth hanging open.

    At that point, I was convinced that I couldn’t have made that one up all by myself. I still have a hard time not second guessing or doubting the guidance I get. (My friends laugh at me a lot about that) But in general I go with my guidance. I don’t do much inspirational writing anymore, but I do have my other channels open.

    So, go ahead and ask for some synchronistic proof and see what happens!


  2. Steven says:

    the way i’ve met my most significant guides is through shamanic journeying. it sounds like you are doing well with meditation, which is another way i find useful. if you want to try something different, a drumbeat specifically intended for journeying puts you in a non-ordinary state where you can explore in vivid detail the spirit guides and power animals. if you are not familiar with shamanic journeying, i would recommend sandra ingerman’s book, “shamanic journeying”. she is very good about explaining things in a clear and concise manner, and talks about the questions you have (like imagination).
    personally speaking, and i think elaine could attest to this regarding inspirational writing, our guides as well as our subconscious, use our imagination. they love it! i mean, reality really just boils down to perception, right? so i’d say go with what you imagine, especially if it’s wild and makes no sense. trust it, as you trust your intuition. be specific in how you invite your guides to reveal themselves. they are just waiting for that invitation, as you have seen. en-joy!,


  3. Elaine says:

    Yes, I think Steven is right on the money with regards to the imagination. It *is* the gateway to the non ordinary world. And, since our guides do come from the non ordinary world, the messages will arrive symbolically and metaphorically a lot of the time, too. So, as Steven said, don’t worry about it being wild and making no literal sense!! I find it very helpful to look for the theme, the underlying message, and the repeated message. That’s when I know I’m not making it up, if I get the info over and over in different permutations…Hope that helps!

  4. Ann says:

    Hi Christine,

    It’s great that you are interested in getting in touch with your guides!

    I first connected with the whole concept of guides with my first feng shui teacher a couple of years ago. She told me that I had a sense of my dreams and goals, but it was like I was stuck in neutral because I wasn’t asking for help from my guides. I was intrigued by the concept.

    Then a few months later I had a vibe…”Go to Borders”…I did, and Sonia Choquette’s Psychic Pathway book jumped off the shelf. I took a week off work and absorbed it. Then went to some workshops with Sonia and basically followed her advice for clearing my life of obstacles to guidance.

    I’ve seen one older woman, Rose, occasionally, who is a guide, but I don’t tend to see human forms like some folks do. I tend to get vibes, quiet directives…call so and so, go here, go there, stuff like that. As I’ve cleared my life and energy, I’ve received more guidance. And as I’ve trusted it and acted on it, I’ve heard more. Lots of synchronicities, picking up just the right book at the right time, getting an email at just the right time, stuff like that.

    The hardest part for me comes when I’m not getting clear directives and feel like I’m sort of in a holding pattern or have static on the lines. But then I guess it’s a bit of a test of my patience and faith and trust.

    That’s my experience….oh, also, for me, guidance seems to come through some of the psychic “toys” 🙂 like tarot cards, I-Ching, astrology….I think it’s just my style.

    Have fun with it! If you’re not familiar with Sonia’s work, I recommend it. It’s very playful and definitely works.

    All the best,

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