Past Lives? (Generational Imprint)

A client asked me:

I was wondering if you could possibly help me with this….I’ve been working on my own psychic pathway now for a while and the subject of past lives have always intrigued me…every since i was a young child I’ve been haunted by a dream I had of being in a factory and seeing a conveyer belt of severed hands passing by me and what seems to me to be a witch running the machine….The interesting thing is since I was a young child I’ve had OCD…in particular not wanting to get my hands dirty and always feeling like I need to wash them….is it possible there’s a connection here…

Any insight would be greatly appreciated….


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  1. Vlada says:

    Witch is a powerful being just like our mind is. It can create and erase things, can trick us… The witch is also feared by most people and has a very negative image in the society, pretty much like OCD or any other Chronic Mental Illness. You might be in a process of recognizing the power of your mind/”witch”. That witch could easily turn into a fairy if you are willing to “dig” deeper, claim your power and assume responsibility for changing things for your Self.

    P.S. These are just my thoughts. I hope they help.


  2. Elaine says:

    Hi Jason,

    It sounds like your dreams and your OCD are talking to you about the same trauma/incident imbedded in your energy system. Sometimes it’s easy to interpret such things as coming from past lives, whether we literally believe in them or not. It really doesn’t matter. What’s important is that energetically the incident is there, playing itself out in the OCD on the physical and emotional planes and on the subconscious plane in the dream.

    Dreams are hardly ever literal—usually they are symbolic and metaphorical. Questions to ask yourself are, what does it mean to you metaphorically to have your hands severed, and severed by a witch running a machine? Your personal answer to these questions is important to gaining your own insights. For me, the biggest hits are that our hands are our interface with the physical realm—they give us some amount of control in dealing with and participating in our world. Having our hands cut off could mean losing control of that interaction. Having this happen inside a factory also points to a loss of control to something bigger than the self. And having a witch be the one operating the matchine—well, it really depends on how you feel about witches, the magical, the feminine, and sorcery in general.

    Look for what symbolism is jumping out at you. Also, if you’d like to do some more exploring with your guides around this topic, don’t forget to ask them! Ask aloud, write them a letter, say a prayer before you sleep, take a journey—whichever way you most prefer to interact with them. And don’t forget to look for those synchronistic events, too.

    Energywork can also help you with this. A shaman can journey for you and look for the original trauma, sometimes remove it, and give you a symbolic map to help you make sense of these things.

    hope I have been of help! If anyone else has any insights on this one, they’d be greatly appreciated!


  3. Joshua says:

    Hi Jason. I would agree with elaines insight. From my feel I would say that the factory represents your hand washing and as factories are concerned they do nothing but the same thing over and over. the witch I feel would be attributed to some driving fear or superstition within you that is propelling these problems. I think the severed hands represent your worries about your hands. sometimes dreams can be layers upon layers of information and will take a little self reflection to get to the message contained within. Just know your guides are bringing to your attention a concern/ fear you are not addressing during your waking state. If this is a repeating dream that is a tip off to past life, know that you have control in dreams
    next time you go to sleep ask you guides a question about the dreams, if you enter the same dream try going to the witch facing her and asking who are you and what do you present.

    Hope this helps Jason, know that you are not alone and your guides are with you and ready to assist, just don’t forget to ask
    Much love, Joshua

  4. Jason says:

    Elaine, Joshua

    Thank you for for your responses and you insight it makes a lot of sense….the dream happened in childhood like when I was about 4 or 5 years old…just when my OCD was beginning to really start….but of course back then nobody knew what OCD was…thats why I thought it had to do with a past life…being that I was so young when I had it and that it was so vivid. The symbolism is remarkable though and for a child at that age to dream of such a complex situation…really not even understanding or knowing that I had OCD is very strange…for me washing my hands and being afraid of germs was just normal…but the OCD has been traced back as far as my Grandfather who was a hoarder (collected) picked up everything and anything washed it and filed it away…my Mother was a clean freak and… its been in my family now for at least 2 generations….

    Again thanks for the awsome insight


  5. Elaine says:

    Hi Jason,

    From what you just described, (especially since it began so young) I’d suspect that you have a generational imprint that could have started with your grandfather (or even earlier) that’s been passed down your genetic-energetic line through your mother and finally to you. You may be processing all of your grandfather’s fears about embracing the feminine (witch) in the world. I wonder if he also was an intuitive and thought his gifts “dirty?” or “evil?”

    Anyway, if this is a generation imprint, it can possibly be removed using shamanic energy work. The shaman journey’s back in time to the ancestor where it all began and draws out the imprint with a special crystal. Sometimes the imprint is “solid” enough energetically that it can be pulled out of the body using the hands. It’s very interesting stuff!

    I helped a client recently with something just like this. My client “suffered” from being extremely close to his extended family to the point where he couldn’t venture out on his own into full adulthood, and it was affecting his marriage. I journeyed back to a grandfather who had been orphaned at a very young age and had made the decision then that family sticks together no matter what, and that creating family structures was the main priority in life. (Archetypally orphaned children tend to create surrogate family instead of fully embracing adulthood) After removing this imprint, my client had a complete shift in consciousness around where his extended family belonged in his priorities. It was quiet amazing.

    See Alberto Villoldo’s book, Shaman, Healer, Sage, for a broader description of generational imprints if you’d like more information. I hope that helps!!!


  6. sam says:

    In my dreams some times I do things which I hate in real life I mean I have Ocd and I always question myself over things I never like to do and yet in my dream I did them the things is while i am sleeping and in my dream I question myself over the acts I mean even in my dream I know I dont want to do this and some times thats just when I wake up. By the way I noticed of my OCD before having the dreams before that I never had such dreams usually when I question myself more and gets serious I have the dream

  7. Administrator says:

    Hi Sam,

    It sounds like the OCD is triggering you to process your decisions during dreamtime. Many times dreamtime is used to review outcomes, especially when we are worried or stressed in general. Addressing the OCD directly will help, but in the meantime, place a bowl of water with some salt in it next to your bed, and it should help with the disturbing dreams.

    Thanks for posting!

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