Soul Retrieval, Fluid Extractions, and Empathy

I recently received over email the question, “Could parts of a soul switch bodies?  I gave my strength to this girl I care about so she would be OK, and over time I haven’t been the same person since.  Sometimes I have had psychic readings done and they have read what she went through and had done as if it had happened to me.  Would sould retrieval help me?” 

Without tracking this person, it’s hard to say exactly what has happened.  However, if I were to take my best guess, I’d say that this person is probably very Empathic and took on much of this girl’s energy.  That is why psychic readers read him as if he were her—her energy has literally overtaken his system.  While Soul Retrieval is probably a good idea (or at least a journey to the underworld to see what the contract is between these two people) what is most likely called for is a Fluid Extraction, in which the foreign energy is removed.  Then, depending on whether the relationship is still ongoing, a cord cutting and bands of protection are also good ideas, plus some basic training in keeping energetic boundaries intact.

 Many times we can take on the energy of our loved ones—they can appear as thought forms that can begin running our system and gain strength if we give it enough of our attention.   This can be highly confusing.  Rarely, a loved one may die and have trouble crossing over.  That loved one can become attached instead, and the person the loved one is attached to can suddenly develop physical symptoms, thoughts, and behaviors of the deceased.  A Fluid Extraction is also very helpful here, too, along with death rites to help the loved one cross over properly.

let me know if you have further questions!


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