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Shamanic Workshop, August, with Marv and Shanon Harwood of Kimmapii

Hello Everyone, I’m very excited to announce that my mentor, Marv Harwood, and his wife Shanon, have agreed to come to Portland to teach a shamanic workshop.  This is the first of nine Portals workshops, and is a great introduction … Continue reading

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Shamanic Work and Family System Reinforcement

Hello Everyone,

I just recently returned from working with Marv and Shanon Harwood of Kimmapii Energies up in Alberta, Canada. This was a great opportunity for me to revisit the South work of Shedding what no longer Serves, plus I had the chance to see Marv again. While I am recovering from my experiences of the Spring, I highly recommend Marv if you need energywork done. He certainly did some amazing work on me while I was there! His website is

Also, I just finished recording the Eighth Empath Telecall. In this call we talked about how our Family System keeps us stuck in old patterns and behaviors that might not be in our best interest, and how painful it can be when we stop colluding with our family of origin. The next call we’ll talk more about how shamanic work can undo family belief systems that began generations ago that still keep us bound in the present. In both calls I use my personal experiences and experiences with clients. If you are interested in listening, go to here

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Cats and Power Animals

Hi everyone, I’ve got a question. It deals with the domestic animals that we like and are attracted to. I am certain I’m a cat person. I really like cats. I have an issue with dogs. I used to have … Continue reading

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Meeting Your Spirit Guides

A client asked this question: Hello everyone, I am wondering how you met your Spirit Guides or better, how they introduced themselves to you! I have asked twice during meditation for them to reveal themselves to me and both times … Continue reading

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