Manifestation and the Power of the Spoken Word

Hi Everyone,

Have you watched the DVD, the Secret, that is so popular right now?  Very fun, very inspiring, very simple.  Why can’t we all manifest what we want?  Why are so many of us having so much trouble with this topic?  Well, one stumbling block I’ve noticed to creatives manifesting their dream is a misuse of their words.  When we are on the spiritual path, our karma starts coming back to us quickly.  So, if we’ve been in the bad habit of not using our words impeccably, we can create chaos in our lives as our external world immediately starts reflecting those creative words back at us.  It’s a time to be vigilant in what we are saying!!!  If we are in the habit of commiting to events, to appointments, to others, and then we cancel at the last minute, the external world will offer us a nearly completed dream, and then at the last minute will “cancel” it on us.  This is a simple reflection—what we put out comes back to us.  When we commit to a spirit-based life, the law of karma acts quickly! If you are suffering from dreams that fall apart at the last minute, take a good look at your words and to if you hold yourself to your commitments or if you tend to cancel in the 11th hour.


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