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Transformation on the Blog

Hi All,  A few months ago, NeoInsight wrote in asking questions about his marriage to his Emotionally Dissociated wife.  If you haven’t been following the comments that followed the post, NeoInsight has not only divorced his wife, but has also left … Continue reading

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Changing the Collective Nightmare

Hello Everyone, Yesterday one of my clients asked me,  “How do I stop feeling guilty for all my blessings when most of the world is in pain and has nothing?”   While I didn’t channel the pain of the world as my … Continue reading

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New Upcoming Workshop—children and parents

Hi All,  I’m putting together a new workshop for parents of young children.  As a new mother myself, I am learning as I go!  This workshop will cover subjects such as how to create sacred spaces and containers for your … Continue reading

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Drama and Empathy—being a victim

Hi Everyone,  I’m in the process of writing a guide for empaths, and one of the topics that comes up again and again in my practice is how Empaths tend to get stuck in drama.  A drama can be created … Continue reading

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Manifestation and the Power of the Spoken Word

Hi Everyone, Have you watched the DVD, the Secret, that is so popular right now?  Very fun, very inspiring, very simple.  Why can’t we all manifest what we want?  Why are so many of us having so much trouble with … Continue reading

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Client Success Story

Hello Everyone,  I just had the great pleasure of connecting with a former client of mine, Jagger Cook.  When we worked together a few years ago he had mentioned his love of music, especially songwriting and singing.  I’m so happy … Continue reading

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Creativity, Love that Lasts, and the Beginners Mind

In my last Vein of Gold workhop we discussed the importance of approaching our creativity, our relationships, and life in general with a beginners mind. When we become experts on our art, or on our friends and family, or on … Continue reading

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