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May 2008 Newsletter

Hello Everyone! I’ve created a new newsletter on my website for May.  Included are topics around self-care and the challenge of healing work.    Enjoy!! Elaine

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Drama and Empathy—being a victim

Hi Everyone,  I’m in the process of writing a guide for empaths, and one of the topics that comes up again and again in my practice is how Empaths tend to get stuck in drama.  A drama can be created … Continue reading

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Manifestation and the Power of the Spoken Word

Hi Everyone, Have you watched the DVD, the Secret, that is so popular right now?  Very fun, very inspiring, very simple.  Why can’t we all manifest what we want?  Why are so many of us having so much trouble with … Continue reading

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Soul Retrieval Stories

Hi All, Some of you have requested more information on what it’s like to have a Soul Retrieval with me, and what Soul Retrieval can help. I’ve just set up a new page on my website that contains links to … Continue reading

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New Essay on Empathy

Hi Everyone, I’ve finished a new essay on the challenges of being an Empath called Emotional Advocacy. It’s under the publications page of my website. In this essay I talk about my experience of being pulled into the position of … Continue reading

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Energetic Healing, Energetic Contracts

A client asked: Hi! I have never posted a message on a discussion board before…but being that I just went through an energetic healing session with Elaine (who really rocks!) I am making good on the “welcome home party for … Continue reading

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